Who is really the best at mobbing amongst vault hunters (in terms of speed)

I still have a few hours, so might as well watch the speed kills and continue with the analysis. If you want to check the raid boss analysis, please see below.

For the Time Trial Thread, look below:

Again, I copied the Arena and Maps Leaderboards in the time trial thread and analyse the data, watch the videos and rank them to answer the question who really is the best at mobbing. The Data is only for OP8. No available date for Level 72. (data accurate as of 9/22/2017).

Here is the results, Be surprise by it.

12 oclock









1st - Gaige - With 400 Anarchy Stacks and a Fibber, Gaige tops the speed mobbing. It’s so OP.

2nd - Krieg - Bloodsplosion helps also in mobbing, with spec into Bloodlust - Hellborn and armed with Harold, Tediore’s, Corrosive weapons, Krieg is a beast, he place 1st in 4 of the arena/maps, if only there are flesh enemies in the peak, then he will not be placed last in the peak.

3rd - Salvador - Salvador was beaten by Gaige and Anarchy, and Bloodsplosion Krieg in mobbing, did not see any Deputy builds in mobbing though.

4th - Zero - Zero can do mobbing weather you are a melee zero or a sniper zero, just watch for your health. Its so fun to watch the Many Must Fall Chains, especially in the Bar.

5th - Maya - This is a surprise to me, I thought there is a notion that Maya is the best at mobbing (or maybe general/casual mobbing, but not at speed mobbing), TT participants, maybe, are holding back and are not using Beehawk on her. She is still queen of the Digistruck Peak though.

6th - Axton - Axton is the last in speed mobbing, if only gearbox did not forget Axton in the last patch. Sigh.

My initial expectation is that Maya will be first on Armoured heavy areas like (Hyperion Slaughter, Digistruck Peak, Friendship Gulag, and Krieg will be on top for Fleshy maps like, Creature slaughter, Finks slaughterhouse, Pete’s Bar, Tourge Arena. I’m somewhat surprise by the results, we need more Beehawking with Maya.


I think your analysis is correct. There are probably characters who can clear out a mob faster than Maya. Especially if it’s a very seasoned player. For the rest of us mortals, Maya is most likely the best mobber out there, simply because she has much better survivability than the other chars. She’s much more forgiving if you screw up.

There’s also one more thing to consider. The dps that Gaige, Sal and Krieg can dish out, makes it so that things die before they even have a chance to form a mob.


I think the notion comes from the fact that she makes it easy to handle mobs for the legions of players who don’t have this highest-end gear and/or skills. Not that this necessarily translates to how quickly she can dispatch them.

Does Axton’s placing in these challenges imply that he’s somehow weak? Weaker than the others in this aspect, maybe, but when the difference in his placements here are in seconds (and he’s otherwise capable of soloing raid bosses), I think the balance is pretty good.


I might have to change that. :smirk:


Gaige yeah. She’s my only character and man all you need is 400 stacks and a Fibber. She absolutely crushes mobs and mini bosses like the assassins in Digistruct Peak. You get a good shield like the Antagonist, shoot at the ground and everything dies.


Your Deputy Sal playthrough (72 gears vs OP8 difficulty) can pass already as an Ultimate Arena TT.


I did not say Axton is weak, what I meant is that, for example Maya is already excellent yet they still buff some of her skills. But for Axton, there is non-significant buffs. And if only there’s a few buffs he might place higher in speed mobbing, since the differences is only a few seconds.

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In terms of mobbing speed, Gaige, Krieg and Sal tend to be ahead of the pack. This is largely because their DPS, speed and survivability are not cooldown dependent. Also, Sal and Krieg can apply slag very efficaciously. Krieg and Gaige have really good AOE courtesy of FOTF, Bloodsplosion and Aimbot (also the fact they excel at non-precision based weapons).

In terms of mobbing efficiency, I would actually rank Zer0 and Grenade Axton ahead of Maya. The Axton timings are kind of skewed, because the averages include timings whereby his strats were still being finetuned. But generally, Grenade Axton would beat out a non-bee Maya. Which makes sense, because his DPS is not action skill or cooldown dependent. He also does not need to slag and swap because his DPS comes from the FB. The only arena Grenade Axton would lose to Maya are those that she is allowed to Beehawk.

Melee Zer0 is basically entirely action skill reliant. Fortunately, he can extend is Decepti0n duration - and his speed tends to be reliant on that. Can’t comment much else as I am a pretty poor Melee Zer0 player.

Maya tends to be the slowest because without the Bee, all her core advantages (AOE, DPS, slag efficiency) is action skill and hence cooldown dependent. Her swap speed aint great which hurts her slag efficiency out of PL. Hence, where possible she tends to find uncoventional strategies which remove her action skill reliance (the FOTF strat). Given the Bee and the right circumstance, she can be unstoppable though. But really, without the Bee, she would struggle to even vaguely compete in Magic Slaughter and AfD.

Also TT Arenas aren’t always the best reflection of mobbing speed. There are a few strats that are really efficient in regular mobbing maps but fall away in TTs. An example would be Sniper Zer0. In most conventional mobbing maps, sniping is actually a faster then melee - but alot of the arenas are disadvantageous to this strat because of either the pacing or difficulty in scoring critical hits to build up CA.


Am doing an analysis of using only the 1st place time.

Can’t say much to this, This is the only available data we have for us to compare, sadly.

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Here is the analysis of using only 1st place finishes.

12 oclock 1st

appetite 1st

creature 1st

peak 1st


Friendship 1st

Hyperion 1st

Magic 1st

Bar 1st


Not significant changes except for Salvador taking the 2nd spot instead of Krieg and Maya replacing Zero as 4th place.

Salvador finish 1st in the peak, but the recent run of Juzhang wherein he log 11 minutes 01 secs is not yet included in the file.

I will just quote what darreltan2004 said.


Lovely to see all this compiled into one place. Great work.

Now for some of my unfiltered thoughts on Maya and the TT’s:

Something that occurs to me about why Maya is considered the best mobber is that in mobbing there isn’t a situation where she could be seen to be disadvantaged. Her skills and class mods all allow for versatile weapon selection so there are many builds that can swap between short medium and long range battles by simply changing the weapon in her hand(not even using the backpack). This plus the crowd control she offers means that she doesn’t get caught out in any situations.

Time trials however don’t give any advantages to this versatility and instead favour highly specialized builds and load outs meant to deal solely with the challenges of the specific area. In most max level gameplay people run set builds and only swap out gear to deal with each map. The top times across each of the mobbing areas listed is accomplished by a minimum of 3 different methods for each character(Gaige aside who uses 2-350A and 400A).

My point is that these represent the best times each character can do but as they take on a variety of methods using highly specialized loadouts, it isn’t necessarily a representation of how each character performs when stringing together multiple areas as most people do during a BL2 play session. I would say it is from the feel of these prolonged play sessions that people have come to view Maya as the best mobber.

Hypothetically, I think if we wanted to get a better representation of best mobber instead of the fastest mobber then I think the format would need to be changed that all the above areas need to be run with restrictions to how many changes can be made to load out and build. Under these conditions I think we would begin to see Maya and builds like Sniper Zero and Deputy Sal perform far closer to everyone’s expectations of their mobbing prowess.


Great points. Maya is still the best for me.

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My two cents, in terms of raw speed, I gotta go with anarchy Gaige all cranked up with stacks, a Redundant ricochet Fibber, and a Bee. It’s like, insta-gib for everything. Even though that particular Gaige build synchronizes so well with a Bee (unlisted pellets, Blood Soaked Shields, etc) I almost never have her wear one because it’s just stupidly OP. :slight_smile:


I can’t help it but feel a lot of those Melee Zer0 run would be faster with a Sniping or even gun build. Some of those arenas are a pain in the ass to do Melee.


There’s also the difference between speed and safety. Maya’s control means you can go about your mobbing business with the added safety of being able to control the situation (and thereby avoid particularly dangerous situations by changing the terms of those engagements). That, more than anything, is why I find Maya to be my overall fav of despite my love of sniping in FPS games.


This is wrong Salvador Can mob with any high splash Damage pistol like say Twin Hornet or Twin Teapot faster than other weapons that is because both guns deal damage + splash to enemy you are targeting and same splash damage to to enemies near the one your targeting + money shot affects your splash damage.

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Who says he can’t mob?

Also, Dahl weaponry is good but it loses some of its effectiveness (burst fire) on Salvador because you can’t ADS while gunzerking.


The Dahlvador can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dual Lascaux, awesome.


Though you can’t clear maps by killing yourself with other VHs … hehe.
Next on my list : Fink’s Slaughterhouse with Light the Fuse only !