Who is really the best at mobbing amongst vault hunters (in terms of speed)

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Nice thread, I agree with general consensus that with all and other things considered Maya is still best.
With any blue smg and simple blue cat mod she’s good to go.

High anarchy Gaige is boring to me.
And Melee Zero he may be above her but the effort and concentration to use him should be considered. Miss one of those deception melee strikes and it could well be game over for him.
Maya generally just has to sit back and blast away, even actually she can rush in and usually survive, Zero not so much with him blood pressure will be higher :joy:

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Anarchy gaige with a hive or norfleet is probably best, but most boring. krieg with bloodsplosion is probably fastest for things like spiderpants. I’m going to say sal and maya are tied. Deputy sal and Dpuh/grog are about as fast as blurred trickster or beehawking.

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Banning Shamfleeting in the Digistruck Peak says a lot. Joltz even have a 9 and a half minute segmented speedrun of the peak using Shamfleet with Gaige and Salvador.