Who is really the best raid boss killer amongst the vault hunters (in terms of speed)

I had some time and bored at work, and just watching and studying speed kills from the time trials thread (for me to recreate in the future), then I ask, who really is the best in raiding?. So I copied the Raid Boss Leaderboard Solo file…

…did some filtering and answers who is the best of the vault hunter in terms of speed killing raid bosses. (take note, this is not the ranking of easiest vault hunter in raiding nor the easiest raid boss since those discussion is kind of subjective in nature) This is only for my personal enjoyment, but am sharing it anyways. Below is the average results of the fastest raid boss kills (data accurate as of 9/22/2017).

Level 72
Dragons 72

dexi 72

Hype 72

Gee 72

Pete 72

Terra 72

Craw 72

Vora 72


Analysis Level 72
1st – Salvador - As they said, two guns are better than one. Combined this with Money Shots and with supporting Guns like Grog Nozzle, Ladyfist, Tresspasser, Fibber and add a damaging gun, Raid bosses will die. This is without taking into consideration the Pimpernel/Flakker + Rocket Launcher Combo.

2nd - Gun Zer0 - With Critical Ascension Stacks and with Boost to Critical Hits in skills, armed with a Lyuda and/or Pimpernel, Zero hits hard.

3rd – Gaige - Who minds Accuracy if you can hit hard with High Anarchy Stacks. Give her some Interfacer, Conference Call, Fibber or Badaboom and he will kill raid bosses with ease. She also place 1st in Son of Crawmerax due to his high electrocute damage.

4th (Tie) – Krieg -Spec into BloodBath and give him some Flame of the Firehawk, Tediore weapon, Interfacer and/or Conference Call. And you can say goodbye to raid bosses.

4th (Tie) – Maya - Bee isn’t allowed in Level 72, so you can see creative kills with her using Immolate Skill, Interfacer, Conference Call and Badabooms.

6th – Axton - With Still Enemies like Hyperius and Voracidous, a prepared Axton can killed them in a second or two using his grenade damage buffs.

7th - Melee Zer0 - Melee Zero is last but his kills are the most satisfying kills to watch.

Level OP8
Dragons OP8

Dexi OP8

Hype OP8

Gee OP8

Pete OP8

Terra OP8

Craw OP8

Vora OP8


Anaylsis Level OP8
1st – Salvador - At OP8, Salavador makes full use of skills like NKLO, and Keep Firing and add with a Bee to easily 1 shot enemies (Terramorphous, Voracidous, Hyperius).

2nd - Gun Zer0 - Same analysis as Level 72 plus he can also Beehawk.

3rd – Maya - At OP8, Maya is using what she do best. Beehawking.

4th – Krieg - Same as Level 72 and you can see a lot of Bloodsplosion kills here since it is really satisfying to watch especially with the dragons.

5th – Axton - Same analysis as Level 72 plus he can also Beehawk.

6th – Gaige - Gaige is the best Sham user, so at OP8 ShamFleet is used in most of her raids.

7th - Melee Zer0 - Same analysis as Level 72.

Now in terms of fastest raid boss to kill.

Fastest 72

Fastest OP8

But if you include gate crushing method, Master Gee will clearly be the fastest. hehe.

If I still have another crazy boring day in the office, will analyse the Arenas and Maps Leaderboard and answer who is the best in mobbing (in terms of speed).

Edit: Here it is. If you want to check the speed mobbing analysis, please see below:


Excellent job of collation at the office Nat06! I see you as a straight shooter with upper management written all over you, if only you can get those TPS reports in…

Seriously though, it provides some backup for the commonly held belief that Sal is the raid boss king


Initially i thought it was Zero or Krieg, since Sal has the notion of a raid boss killer due to the Pimpernel/Flakker + RL Combo or (DPUH and Grog). But the TT take that away from him, am quiet surprise that he still held his own using other gears (Interfacer, Ladyfist, Conference Call, Fibbers, Trespasser, ROM) to his advantage.


The stats on Krieg vs. Pete are distorted by the Time Trials thread forbidding bloodsplosion against him.

Interesting results! The relative speed of killing the different raid bosses is not what I would have expected.


Yeah, if you add Bloodsplosion Krieg Probably will place 2nd on Pete both at Level 72 and OP8, Salvador kill with Pete is hard to top.


How did you get your times, because they don’t look like the ones in the TTs?


Average of the 1st 2nd and 3rd


I thought that might be it at first, but Sal’s OP8 Hyperius didn’t match up.

And just personally I would only use number 1. Not only is this already an extreme way to compare the characters, but some runs have one revolutionary strat that no one has tried to challenge. So you’re suck with 2nd and 3rd place being 3 years old and really long by comparison.


Thanks for pointing the sal time ill double check the data.

As for using only the first kept thinking also about it. But some kills are really diffcult to duplicate like the mirror death kill of maya on the dragons, have only seen two of that so far. Also i need to revise everything if i do that. For now ill retain the average, ill see if there are concensus to use only the first then will revise everything.


Yeah a lot of the characters rely on the power of RNGesus to get the times they do. But even if something like Krieg vs the Dragons all have Bloodsplosion kills in OP8, it’s definitely not something you can do anywhere near reliably like you could with Pete. Just my 2 cents.


Best in terms of speed, huh? I will not even try to point out a winner here. I’m simply gonna say this: Pre-stacking takes time. This is something that definetly needs to go into the equation before we even consider an answer. If there’s more mumbo jumbo that needs to be done before a kill, then this should be treated in the same way. Switching to specific gear is obviously allowed, but the clock should be running while it’s being done.

With that said… Some of those speedkills are just amazing! Hats off, guys! :acmaffirmative:


You all are a bunch of intelligent smarty pants, if you ask me. :smirk:

Well done. Very interesting read. Khim had some good points.

^This cracked me up. @ChemicalConundrum gets the LOVE stamp for that one. 1 Like doesn’t do it justice, imo. :wink:


Hehe. Im an accountant by day, father and husband in the afternoon, and a vault hunter at night.


good with the math and stuff. nice. :blush:

only in the Afternoon?! lol :grin:

^ this is me, 24/7 :sunglasses:
Borderlands is a lifestyle…


Why, thank you, Kurt! It’s nice to know that at you feel that way. I have often wondered why people don’t say that more often. Uh-Oh… You meant the other guys, right? My bad! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope. You were/are included in that statement. :blush: I appreciate your input and you know your stuff, as far as I’m concerned. :wink:


Quick question : does bringing a mob into the arena counts for the Time Trials ? Because I can kill Hyperius with Tediore Krieg in a split second as long as I can stack Bloodlust and proc Fuel the Blood ^^


It is allowed. The reason nat’s time looks so long is because it’s a 0.15 second, 3 second, and 4 minute time averaged together.


Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:


Fixed Salvador Hyperius OP8 time, instead of 0.36 seconds it list it as 36 seconds when I copied it. Also Fixed Krieg Hyperius OP8 time, it shows 1.5 seconds instead of 0.15 seconds.

I’ll check of using only the 1st and see if there are any significant changes.

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