Who is shorter?

Is it Moze or Tyreen?
I gotta know. For scie…for reasons!

Uhm…it’s not easy to say because we saw Tyreen outside of a cutscene like…once?
After she sucks Lilith’s powers but she was far away.

I think Moze is slightly shorter…?

Well, we can figure about how tall she is vs. her brother. Then try walking up to Troy during the Troy fight to see how high Moze’s eyes are on him, then compare the two.

Tyreen looks to me to be slightly taller than Lillith when they face off.

How tall is Tyreen?

A massive turd.

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Did some testing, it’s difficult because you can’t get them in identical poses, but Moze is a little shorter than Lilith while Tyreen looks the same height to me (if anything, a tad taller imo). I think Tyreen isn’t short at all, I believe that impression may arise simply because you see her next to Troy all the time.


Tried it, this doesn’t work because Troy is supersized in that fight.


Moze. I’m pretty sure she’s the smallest of the Vault Hunters whereas Tyreen is pretty average sized.

I always loved how Moze is the smallest thingy in the vault hunters, but her action skill makes her the largest playable character ever. (gortys doesnt count!)

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Makes me think of the old Gigantor cartoons. (-!-)/ Gigantor Opening theme - YouTube

And of course, Robotech Mechas. Robotech - Wikipedia

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