Who is the best faction?, best to worst

Jennerit obviously, they have the coolest characters. Rath, Caldarious, Beatrix. Ambra is also cool just not as fun as the other 3 imo Attikus is underrated and of course, the best character, Deande. Auto win she appeals to my love for stealth characters and assassinating. If they do do the factions vs factions idea the Jennerit would ether everybody.

Rogue are the second best cause they all are so unique, so fun. I generally have the most fun as any rouge character even Reyna.

the UPR are ok but they’re all defenders and seem kinda weak compared to the rest probably because the’re more defenders.

The Eldrid does have some of my favorite characters Thorn, Alani, and Melka but the other three just suck tbh. Miko and Kelvin are both super annoying and tbh I have no problems with Boulder he just seems bland to me.

the LLC tho is the worst, Phoebe and Marquis re the only good characters and Marquis isn’t even that good anymore. I tried to play Isic and Dragon but I just can’t get into them, also kid ultra is good but he doesn’t have appeal imo

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UPR and Eldrid have some of the most toppest tier of characters. Overall they’re the strongest factions. I also wouldn’t say that the LLC are bad. If anything they’re quite good provided you know how to use them. LLC’s the best though imo just because of how unique the characters in that faction are.


Each has their own playstyle and none are really worst than the others. If you think LLC is the worst. Kleese would beg to differ when he’s sitting near his rifts, almost immortal and killing you with math, even though he has no idea what it does. Giving everyone free shields for days. And he says it best, he may be old, he may be miserable, but he’s alive.

And as for ISIC, have you ever seen someone shred a sentry faster than ISIC in his Ult? If you reach level 10 as ISIC and pick the right helixes, and your teams still lose in Incursion. Honestly, I don’t know how that happens, it’s an anomaly.

El Dragon is the weakest link in LLC everyone else is amazing if done right. But as for LLC being the worst, you must not know how to use them right, And Marquis may have low damage on his gun, but the predatory strikes are nasty to go up against when they target sooner, cloaked and leaves behind an area of effect. Have three placed near you, and when a character comes up close to kill you, they will be in for a big surprise.

And UPR does have Oscar Mike who is an Attacker, who sucks at defending. If you’re an Oscar Mike playing defense, you’re Mike-ing wrong. And the also have Ghalt, who is also an Attacker. If he pulls you into his team, onto a trap, you’ll probably end up dead. He is also a beast up close with that shotgun of his unless you have a good escape ability, not on cooldown, you’ll probably end up dead most of the time, unless that Ghalt aims at the sky. Even then, he’ll kill you with Ghalt magic, cause Ghalt.

Maybe if we did get the faction wars game mode, it could force you into the Factions you don’t appreciate enough. If you need any advice on how to turn any character into a walking death machine, I’m sure there are guides on the forums, or you could always ask. Take it from me, I used to think the LLC were the worst too, but now I understand just how wrong I was.

Maybe they aren’t your type of characters, but until you really try to good with them, you’ll never know. I had no idea how much I would love a character like Ambra, but once I started trying to do good with her, she was the first character I mastered. And only mastered the others just to find more characters that I like.

Sorry for the long post, I would give you a cookie, but your shirt doesn’t appear to be tucked in. So sorry.

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I’ve got theories for almost every character gearwise to make things interesting

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You sound super bias against male characters. Some people just like the waifu’s i guess. Eldrid would stomp all the other factions though.


Well… the UPR has me… so… UPR FT—wait… ERNEST IS ALSO UPR!!! F**K!!!



crosses arms stoicly



HELL YEAH! I wanna vote UPR as best faction but ERNEST IS IN THE UPR!!!

Looks up at Ernest.

I mean, how can I vote UPR when you’re in the UPR? With yer damn 5 AM exercise regiments…


Ernest: Well, puke, look at it from MY perspective. I wanna vote for UPR too. But for one slight issue.

He pokes Benedict in the chest with a claw.

Ernest: You’re in it.


Yeah… but… I’m awesome. Not really seein’ how my presence is a negative…


I got a twenty-page thesis to the contrary. It’s just beggin’ for you to read it, puke.


Eldrid best faction by far due to flawed gear heavily favouring them.


Can we agree Benedict and Ernest cancel eachother out, so UPR can get the vote?


Can I just list Jennerit for all 5 factions please?

No…? Oh well…

In all seriousness though I’d probably say the Eldrid are the best faction ATM. They have the most balanced team comp with two healers, two tanks, a sniper and an very mobile assassin. They have plenty of CC, especially in terms of stuns and slows. They also have some of the best gear going for both Eldrid and non-Eldrid characters alike. I don’t think there’s many builds I have where I haven’t used at least some of their faction gear. But that might just be me as I like to stack max health or health regen on a lot of characters. I also love playing Mellka and Alani.

Much to my own dismay, I’m going to have to put Jennerit in second. They’re my absolute favourite when it comes down to personal preference, (if you haven’t already guessed), but from a team comp perspective, they’re lacking a few things here and there. They have no good ranged DPS, (only Trixi and Caldy), but if they do manage to get in close, they can deal some serious damage. Rath with his wombo combo, Deande with a Calculated Risk Burst Dash and Attikus with his late game potential. Not to mention a Beatrix Patient Zero on top of that, just for extra measure. Most of them have excellent sustainability, Deande and Rath (even Beatrix and Attikus to an extent) with life steal, and Ambra with Sunspots. IMO, they also have the second best gear in the game too. Their gear is perfect for them with -ve reload/recoil. Also, my all time favourite character is Deande. :heart:

The U.P.R are third because they have most of the strongest characters. Benny, Ernest, Gali, Ghalt… Yup… That pretty much sums it up. They have great wave clear and a heavy dmg output but that’s really it. They lack melee characters, (with the exception of Gali), which basically makes them the opposite to the Jennerit, and I prefer to play melee over ranged anyways. Also, they lack a healer which would have a big impact in a faction battle.
That, and as much as I like playing Benny, IMO they’re the most unimaginative faction and all seem rather straightforward.

I wish I could put the Rouges higher because Orendi and Shurox are my favourites here, but I barely play any of the other characters. It’s a shame because I love each of the personalities the Rouges have, they’re definitely one of the more interesting factions. They also have decent 0 cost gear but it’s just not quite on par with the Eldrid and Jennerit gear.

I’m sorry but I just can’t get on with the L.L.C very well. Apart from Phoebe, I don’t play anyone from this faction much at all, and I really dislike Kleese and KU. Those characters are just… ugh, they annoy me so much. ISIC makes up for it though because his dialogue is hilarious. That, and they have great gear for Shurox because it’s all about shields.

Sorry for the long post. I got a little bit carried away. :sweat_smile:


Eldrid would honestly probably perform the best. What’s more, they are actually balanced.

I notice that whenever people bring up discussions like this, Jennerit seems to be the most popular. Curious as to why.

Are people really that into sharp things and triangles?


Jennerit >>>>Rogue>LLC/UPR. All the Eldrids are pretty boring. But to be fair UPR is one up there because of Montana and Oscar.

LLC has a bad Rep because most of the characters have a high learning curve and aren’t always easy to play ( from observing new players I’ve been helping out)

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That’s what makes them so satisfying to play. Except for Kleese. Kleese isn’t fun.


Fixed it for you @lolattheseforums

I’ve only seen that happen with pre-patch Kleese :frowning: