Who is the best Jakobs user in TPS beside Nisha?

Hi everyone.
I’m a fan of BL game and played thru BL2 and TPS. I like the way TPS designs gameplay and mechanics (better AR power and no need to have for Slag guns taking 1 slot all the time is a huge plus to me).
Anyway, I want to know who is a better Jakobs guns user (aside from Nisha), because I love the “spam your gun” and western-esque, but don’t really like Nisha and can’t find a good alternative character.
Athena is all about incen and shock, so I’m quite sure jakobs is a big no-no. Same goes for Aurelia. So there are only Wilhelm, Claptrap and Jack.
I am thinking of running Claptrap with CC, a coach gun, maggie, 1 corrosive gun, corrosive oz kit and maybe cryo nova shield. What do you think?

Nisha is the best Jakobs user.
Second should be Jack with his Sponsored by… capstone as seen in this build.
Next would probably be Aurelia with all her cryo and accuracy skills, which will boost the hidden Jakobs crit bonuses hugely.
A Melee hybrd Athena with bloodrush can get into people’s faces real fast to feed them some huge loads from jakobs shotguns.
Claptrap’s CC has some restrictons:

So, CC is better on some single shot guns like SMGs or ARs or single beam lasers.

And lastly, Wilhelm is … let’s say just equally average with any kind of gun.

Thanks for the reply. I will try your Jack build :smile: when I start a new playthrough with my pals. Cheers

Sure, have fun. That build is not by me, but by @derch. There’s a build for a Jakobs skullsmasher aurelia here somewhere too.

Doesn’t he have a decent sniper build?

Well, the chronicler com boosts some skulls that help Wilhelm with sniping, still, compared with aurelia, his sniping is rather average. Suppose the pets keep the aggro which allows the player to concentrate on sniping, the enemies will be moving around a bit too much to make sniping easy. His accuracy boosts are kill skill dependant as opposed to Aurelia’s permanent boosts, he doesn’t get nearly as much projectile speed boosts which help tremendously with hitting moving targets at greater distances etc.

Sniping doesn’t shine on Wilhelm, but it doesn’t such either after all :slight_smile:

First to Fight is pretty good for sniping. But yea, Lady Hammerlock has an easier time with it.

I run Jakobs with my Clappy paired with a Factory Second Class mod. Boosts to critical hit damage, accuracy, recoil reduction, gun damage, and reload speed. Those Jakobs shotties are transformed into precision instruments and handle with ease, same with the Maggie, Muckamuck, or Skullmasher.

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jack. sponsor a quad with maliwan cryo, get a bunch of hyperion guns, an indistinguishable projection mod, and start killing everything. then realise your quad is level 50 and your in ultimate mode.

Vanilla game outside Nisha either Claptrap or Wilhelm.
If we’re talking DLC than yeah Jack & Aurielia are better snipers. Or Auriela is the better Sniper and Jack just does soooooo much Damage…

I heard that some of Jack’s skills are buggy, like On My Mark and Taxation of Trade Routes, and some “1 point wonder” skills are weak or downright terrible. Are they fixed or still bugged/bad?

I’d suggest you ask some players at the Jack boards. I’ve taken him to 50 it was a blast and a breeze. Did Pt.1 solo and half of PT.2 co op (2 jacks)

On my Mark was fine when I used it. Definitely was fun when I was messing around with hero of the story tree. Mirv grenades, teslas cryo grenades and explosive Ar’s mhmm <3

Taxation of trade routes, I’ve never used it but I’m sure it can’t be that bad. I wouldn’t spec it if I’ve already taken Believe in the middle tree though.

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So, I borrowed some gear from my Nisha and tried to run a Jakobs Claptrap with a Quad and a Maggie. It works okay, but is still vastly outperformed by my cryo-explosive build.
Best crit I could land with the Quad was around 2mil on some frozen guys, the ravager easily goes up to 6mil. (Then again, I wasn’t using a +OLT com on this jakobs build, will have to retry that some time).

All in all, it feels a bit lacking in damage output.

Here’s the last round of the holodome, Nisha style dual pistols at the end for bonus and whatnot.

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Hmmm…you were consistently taking out Gargantuants in two shots with your Quad. I thought you were pretty efficient in there. How did it go against armored targets?

Ah well, I’m used to one shotting gargaunts with the ravager without needing to aim for crit spots.
The Quad’s damage all depends on landing crit. Most armored targets in the dome have a crit spot (powersuits have that one tube on their back that’s their weak spot) die in one shot when frozen, if you actually walked all the way around them to place your shot.
Except for those “open” powersuits with the pilot (crit spot) exposed, that hold shields. Usually you can jump up and shoot that crit spot from above.

Well one shot is better than two. It’s quite difficult to beat a Ravager on Clappy but I thought you demonstrated that he can manage Jakobs quite well. Did you notice any difference from Factory Second and Surprised Stabilize?

Absolutely, the accuracy boost is really huge. Factory second makes a great 2:1:2 build with a ravager that can compete with a 2:2:1 build with a sapper com.

And while a Jakobs build on clappy can work okay, it’s not yet the top of the line for him, as opposed to nisha or jack. But I def had a lot of fun trying it. (mag size prefix quad was essential to take full advantage of OLT, while it takes quite a while to get to the last shot on the Maggie, therefore synergies feel rather mediocre)

Ive done some sort of build on the old forums, Deputy Claptrap that is, here is the old thread:
As you can see Claptrap can and is very deadly with Jakobs weaponry.
Btw if anyone want to re-do this build and post/do write up, you can use some of the stuff from that thread. Im sure Chuck would like to see that one done.
I think im done with TPS and i seriously doubt that i will be updating this build or any other thread regarding TPS.