Who is the hottest woman in Battleborn

Give your opinions on if you agree on this list or who you think is the hottest?

  1. Deande
  2. Ambra
  3. Phoebe
  4. Galilea
  5. Alani
  6. Reyna/Thorn
  7. Shayne
  8. Mellka
  9. Orendi (she’s cute, but not hot)
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I love Deande, but I’ve always been… Intrigued, by her, er, “prominent” crotch.

I think Phoebe is the hottest, she’s so elegant and eloquent it just drives me crazy. And she’s got that crazy streak, she’s not just a prim and proper sophisticated lady and she’s not just a pretty face either she’s got a personality behind the visage. I love that about her.

I love Alani’s obliviousness, she knows so little yet she tries so hard and doesn’t understand shame, which is fantastic. She’s not ditsy though, as you’d expect with the stereotype, she just misunderstands. She comes in at number two.

The rest can wrestle half-naked in mud or jelly or whatever for all I care, so long as Phoebe and Alani are sitting on either of side of me in the grandstand as we watch, and I get the feeling that both would like to watch that show…


I’m going to go ahead and say Galilea. No idea why, but despite the fact she’s in full armour, I’ve always found her more than slightly attractive. She’s also very resilient and mentally strong, having to deal with her darker side constantly grating at her. Definitely at the top of my list.


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Ambra, because hotness doesn’t have to refer to just attractiveness.




Who is the hottest woman in Battleborn? Whichever is currently being engulfed by Ambra’s Solar Wind (or Oscar Mike’s Frag Grendade with the Fragcendiary Grenade augment or Whiskey Foxtrot’s Sticky Bomb with Napalm mutation). Otherwise Ambra herself while the skill is on cooldown. Oh, you wanted a serious answer? Well, that was my serious answer.


The answer is Mellka, by the way.



Nonsense. I’ve run tests, remember? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It feels weird stating a game toon is hot/sexy , but still… Galilea is the hottest!


As @Vicks_Toire said, why is this in Fan Creations? This should have been posted in General, or better yet, not at all.

While I don’t see any benefit in ordering my characters in any other way other than by Faction or by Name, if this topic has to exist, then it should have been done up as a poll. (Has recently learned how to create polls and now recommends them to everyone)


I know someone is going to do this at some point so I thought I’d beat them to the punch and just drop this right here.


Boldur, easy

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  • Phoebe
  • Also Phoebe

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Hmm…I can’t seem to find the option to pick Mellka…I think your poll might be bugged :wink:

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Which is the sexiest legendary in Battleborn?

  • The smoldering Shadoculars
  • The vivacious Vampiric Vestment
  • The beautiful Bola’s Target Finder
  • The luscious Lorrian Purse Cutter
  • The sensual Symbiotic Gauntlet

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You forgot the puissant Pangenesis Glyph.

When I entered Mellka I received the message, “Text invalid, does not meet criteria for being Phoebe”

Oh well, it’s not like I’m biased or anything.

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Surely there’s nothing more sexy than a…

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Something about a woman who finger priks her hot tush and says:

I will have order and I will have it right now!
You WILL show me respect!
I will not tolerate this a moment longer!
No celebrating! No high fiving! No jumping! No laughing! No smiling! Grrrr