Who is the hottest woman in Battleborn

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There are certain types of fish that switch genders at different stages of life (or depending on circumstances). Since OM is a humanoid fish clone, he could very easily be female when he’s being a Femme Fatale. Some fish also take on external female markings so they can get into the alpha fish’s harem and have a good time. And some fish have a ridiculous number of chromosomes. Fish sex is a pretty weird topic, actually…

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Why does everything always come back to fish sex

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How else are you going to get caviar to put on your toast?

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Aw thanks, Hattie, you’re so sweet :wink: :joy:

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We assume it is that close to earth fish, besides it seems they are mostly land based

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Huh, I had no idea they were fishy. Any relation to Akopos? And uh wow, fish lead very interesting sex lives

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Well galahadrins only consist of clones now, but I gather they were a species of war that made VERY good soldiers

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Mike explicitly refers to Aria as a bro. And with that, your elaborate house of gender-coded cards collapses!

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All those things are fine
and in fact I’m right there with you bud
But I draw the line at body of a child
It’s like jrpgs justifying there obviously sexualized prepubescent girls by saying they’re a 1000 year old dragon/vampire or some other stupid thing.
In those games/various forms of media, this is intentional and of course in BB this isn’t the case as GBX has always had a mostly great track record with handling sexuality and gender equality.
But come on
The character and voice
It feels like Tiny Tina in a Witch’s hat and vampire teeth.
Love you too Cam

do I honestly sound preachy?

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Well he ain’t that bright, and he comes from a planet of all clones, he is pretty naive, besides if whiskey foxtrot is male why not oscar mike, anyway cloning a species and making them gender neutral would be time consuming and lead to extra mutations, and Mike clones are part of the rapid deployment corps, so I assume they did not care enough to make them gender neutral


This topic is bull. Also hands down Deande is the ‘‘hottest’’ (I hate that term when I’m referring to women… ugh). Also I’m probably cutting cis men from my dating pool. Bye.

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I totally agree

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But Phoebe is so BRATTY. And I relate to her too much to find her attractive lmao
Well well… as long as people don’t say it’s Orendi or Shayne I can handle…

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I can’t pick both
it confuses and frightens me

Edit:!Oh it looks like I can
Everything’s fine now

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Thank you