Who is the the best at Thrall/minion clearing?

Due to the current, heavily objective focused state of incursion it’s important now more than ever to have at least one character on your team who can demolish minion waves and thrall camps.

Who do you think is best at either (or both) of these?

Personally, I think Caldarius is awesome at taking single thrall camps. Empty a clip into the thralls head, pop the blind (with bleed helix) and follow up with 1 or two more clips of mostly critical hits and it will fall in around 10-15 seconds.

Who else?

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literally any ranged character, and half the melee ones can easily critstomp the thralls within 10-15 seconds

Mid thralls or single?

I hate how single keep pushing you back and is harder to crit, middle thralls is so fuckih hard to kill them solo with any meele exept attikus.

Galilea is typically my favorite. She has a sweeping primary attack, so despite her lousy DPS, she can melee an entire wave at once (and for some reason gets a lot of crits on the small minions). However, as a frontliner, she should never leave lane to take thralls unless she died (and even then she should probably get right back in lane), although with her stun and silence, she has two ways to incapacitate thralls for easy taking.

Ghalt’s insane DPS allows quick wave clear and Thrall snatching. Then there’s Ernest’s AoE and DPS…

I’ve found Galilea to be very efficient at demolishing Waves quickly, especially if you take Forsaken Grounds Helix.
Run right in, drop your Desecrate and swing away.

A far as Thralls, Montana is great imo. You can stand face to face and weather the damage easily while getting a Crit almost every time. If you’re taking on the double thralls, Lumberjack one to stun them, quickly kill the other, then Hailstorm it up to drop the second one.


Ernest stands supreme in risk/effort/rewards for clearing normal minion waves. It’s seriously not even a challenge for him and takes minimal effort.

For Thralls, I find ,even with the changes, Montana still stands supreme. It’s almost no effort and very low risk for him to walk right up to a Thrall point his mini gun into their tiny little head and just completely melt them away.

Galilea is one of my favorites to wave clear with. Jump into middle, desecrate, start swinging. It’s freaky how much fun that is. Tactically, after I desecrate, I always single out the Shepherd or lacking that, biggest minion first. After that scatters them I start cleanup. The only thing that prevents me from putting her at the top is the risk, at early levels without support, Galilea can take quite a beating from the waves.

Caldy is also good, that blind of his can be a lifesaver for pausing waves, but in my opinion it just takes him much longer than any of the above characters to clear a wave. Effort vs reward wise, he can do it, but I wouldn’t put him towards the top. For Thralls he is definitely better, but when he does get hit by their charge or spear it’s much more noticeable than on a Montana.

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Marquis can take them down in mere seconds. He’s also good of wave clear, although Orendi reigns supreme in that category

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What are you talking about? Deande and Rath can tank their damage and survive off of life steal (Rath after level five right or center helix choice) if you get head shots. Boldur and Galilea can stun and kill one of the thralls while it’s stunned.

Bombs destroy rath and deande! Boldur is boldur, that guy is so broken it shouldnt be in the game…

Galilea needs to be in lane clearing waves…

You can tank the double thralls with Deande no problem with the life steal helix. Can take longer than most, but can be done easily

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Just talking wave clear: Erny and Orend.

Ernest starts out a bit stronger, but once you reach level 4~5, Orend pretty much gains the ability to nuke waves from orbit.

Really pains me to see bad Orend players completely ignoring waves, and going for early player kills. Like, “oh, yeah… right. I’m sure you can tank their gally, while going for that Mellka, while being chased by a Rath”.


Absolutely, the only issue I ever have taking a thrall is when I’m zoomed in on one of the dual thralls and the other one decides to grenade me. It’s happened often enough I’ve stopped trying to solo them.

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Montana melts them. Shame he does in Lane lol

Mortar Kleese at Lv7 can take out a thrall in 1 hit

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I will vouch for this. He can kill bonecrusher faster than pre-nerf Marquis. He’s also pretty good at killing waves if he can place a rift from his network on their path. He can take down the double thralls reasonably quick but he’ll have to place a couple rifts to keep him from dying.

Best thrall clear is Marquis or Attikus. At levels 4 and 8 Marquis gets huge jumps in waveclear ability - at the latter, he can solo clear waves with his skills and just turn to snipe other players instead. Attikus can solo either easily starting at level 3 and gets full charge off of it.

Best waveclear/pusher overall is still Ernest since his basic attack clears them without even needing LOS. He can just sit behind a staircase or something and mortar them all from absolute safety.

Well, Mellka is one of the weaker ranged choices against Thralls, because even though she does wild crit damage, her inherently-flawed accuracy means that some shots will stray into the Thrall shield and be wasted. Unlike Caldarius who can just precisely obliterate their little Thrall heads and be done with it.

She is, however, really pretty great against early minion waves, with Spike, Venom, and Parting Gift. Once the shepherd and elite bot begin joining in, she isn’t quite as effective, but can still put some work in. A dedicated Mellka wave clear is actually pretty viable… but a bit of a waste of her potential, as she really should be spiking players past a certain point.

Toby is really good for both waveclear and thralls.

Arc mine does exceptional damage and CC to the minion waves and a few railguns finishes the job, post level 7 you can hit multiple enemies in the waves as well and have 2 arc mines running if you have his legendary.

He’s also amazing for thrall particularly once you have access to stun. Stun to 2-3 headshots takes the thrall down, and you can incapacitate both mid thralls at once with his double. With heartpiercer active you can kill both thralls at once too, and in very quick time if you get them lined up right.

Ghalt used to be premium for mid thralls when he had his stun, I’m sure he’s still capable though with his high damage and crit potential.

Montana can do mid thralls in about 15 seconds without taking more than about 400 damage. Minion clear belongs to Ernest, Benedict, and Thorn with the slow on blight at level 1. Galilea isn’t so bad either.