Who is the top of the top tier right now?

My vote goes to Orendi with Gali close behind.

Reyna… because she makes it look good


She does have the thickness.


Orendi is potentially the most broken endgame. The new rogue cooldown gear… I’ve only ever met one team exploiting it, and I never want to see that again. 2k+ Pillar Storms coming out quicker than the respawn timer.


Toby :grinning:

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Boldur and Galilea are on permaban, so probably them. Orendi is still something we are trying to figure out, but we’re at a stalemate because our top Orendi player still is taking the pillar damage at 6, despite the pretty definitive performances by others indicating that Nihilism is the superior choice (and extremely strong). We have agreed that her changes are definitely “buffs”.


Glad I aint the only one!

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While I’ve got you, I’m curious to ask (and it’s reasonably on-topic): how is the Mellka nerf viewed on the competitive PC end? My feeling is that the huge hit to her wave clear + sustained, in concert with Caldy buffs, would have knocked her down-tier, but I also know she’s more powerful generally on that platform because KB/M.

Galilea still most OP overall

Ghalt’s Damage is OP

Orenidi’s Late Game OP

Boldur’s Survival OP

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I think Orendi is only OP because of all of the Legendaries going around. Firmware is insane, especially on Orendi. Bola’s is stupid and whole teams are stacking it.


True. Even Pillarstorm is manageable if she’s not stacking ludicrous cooldowns and skill damage.

Still the most outrageous mutation in the game though.

Mellka’s lvl 10 mutation is the most outrageously awful in the game, though.

Even “better” now that Parting Gift pools are just soothing foot baths, haha.


Huge hit to her waveclear. She used to be at a similar tier to Caldarius (both conceptually and in mid-pick ranking), and she definitely fell far (not worth a pick). She’s not unusable, but she is less effective at securing kills with canisters+dot, and much less effective at waveclear (rip canister spam on waves). There have been so many times that I’ve landed a canister on someone, said to myself “they gone”, and then realized that my dot deals no damage.

I used to play a ton of Mellka (I hesitate to say “main”, because there are like 6-7 characters from multiple classes that I am super comfortable with and play with equal frequency, but if I had a main, it would have been her), and overall she’s a lot less enjoyable. A lot easier to secure kills with flying elbow though, so that’s something. :confused:


Reyna is my vote too. She’s got cake.

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You should see her with firmware updater and bolas… broken much?

I hated Benedict a lot and played Gally exclusively to wreck all Benedicts now I’ll probably just go back to phoebe to exterminate all orendis

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This is the #1 reason for me that she’s become depressing to play. Landing a fateful, can’t-escape-this canister used to be the most satisfying finisher for me. Once you saw it, you wouldn’t even bother to chase or fire another shot - you knew they were done. Just walk away from the explosion. Classic Mellka swag.

Now you land that trick aerial shot, feel that instinctive rush, and then watch them traipse off fml. I wouldn’t say she’s unusable either (I’m still playing her exclusively), but the health/accuracy hotfixes were like hugs + kisses from the devs compared to this.

That’s my PVE build for her, because I hate PVE and want it over as fast as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

The rogue one is possibly more broke than Firmware, though, because any Rogue skill used near her lowers all her cooldowns by 2 seconds. An Orendi who hangs out with Reyna basically has no cooldowns anymore.

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Does bola really stack? That needs to be changed.

I’ve been wondering, how does it interact with PoP? That’s been my biggest concern for it

Oh no. Level 9 priority target ultra spam, and waste reduction, and failsafe. Oh no

My problem with Orendi is the combination of her size and mobility with her insane damage. Her skill damage is crazy but I would be happy if they took her health down even more. Orendi should be THE glass cannon of the game instead of El Dragon.

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