Who is you favorite melee hero?

For me I like Boldur the most

Gal, but this better not be an undercover nerf post, lulz

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Of course you like the OP, invincible, never l- just kidding. Mine is Attikus because when he goes in it’s amazing but obviously he is not the most effective character overall. I also like his voice and way of talking in the fight.

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Heck if this is about what they say, then i pick all the melee characters. Plus Attikus is pretty good late game, and if he fed, OH MAN is he deadly, then again by force of habit, seeing a large thrall among other large thralls just makes you a big target

I gotta say, I’m leaning towards Atticus as well. With all the Super powers and missles and stuff flying around, you gotta admire the cajones of someone who can run in and punch everyone in the face.

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Galilea. I don’t use her super OP pewpewyouredead build, I just go for a normal tank build (still somewhat OP but not as bad). I love the shield blocking mechanic and I don’t really like the other tanks with a similar gimmick (ISIC and Boldur). Not into assassins either so, yeah, Gal is the only melee I play.

I will admit though, I tried El Dragòn once and… kinda liked it. If I ever decide to get out of my comfort zone, he’s my man.


Phoebe, by the way.

Did I mention Phoebe ?


Deande. She deploys a decoy and cloaks, AND she throws war fans. She also fights with war fans. She attacks with war fans and she kills things with war fans.
War fans? Yeah, Deande’s got 'em :wink:

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my thoughts exactly

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Im suprised nobody said Rath? I prefer Kelvin though CC then chomping people for health and shields makes him a very dangerous flanker

It’s a toss up between rath and deande. When I just want to go murder and not think I play rath. Deande is for when I want to mess with people.

I’m shocked no one has said Shayne & Aurox, I absolutely love them.


If I’m allowed to choose a hybrid I dig me some Shayne & Aurox. I like Galz as well, but she kinda gets boring after a while and also El Dragon.

Can I pick two?
If we need a team tank I always go Boulder. I love the rage I get from the other guys when I get my short butt in between their shots and my snipers just to soak everything on my shield. Ohh the amazing hate mails I get. Love it. If we just need a melee, Um Does El Dragon count? He should right? I know he may be a hybrid but I love his style and abilities. Not to mention his “Clap” reminds me of the Hulk and I love that, specially if I can get a kill assist off that? just fun.

With hedronic arc and a bunch of attack speed, just melting the crowd. It’s awesome.


What, I like punching things. :open_mouth:

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El Dragon. When played correctly, which I do, he is unstoppable.

i like Rath and Attikus


El Dragon is truly a terrifying foe… Great clip!

My faves are probably Shane & Aurox and Pheobe. Kelvin is also really cool.