Who likes BL2 AND TPS?

I really enjoy both games and like what makes them different. Anyone else?


I certainly do. Wilhelm for the win.



Yup. And some more characters.

Yes I enjoy both.

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I reply in the affirmative on both counts!

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1st = BL 2
2nd = BL 1
3rd = BL TPS

Played all 3, and for me thats the way they fall, though TPS does come very close to tying for 2nd

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I like them both as well :blush: !

bl2 has better end game and lots of raid bosses. in general i find mobbing more fun in bl2.

i find tps gets a little lopsided ai level wise with story line. the clappy dlc is really very good though. i’d put it around the capt scarlet dlc in terms of fun, although i have yet to kill the final boss. they made decent use of verticality given how it works in tps.

Wilhelm really? I couldn’t get into Wolf and Saint, is the middle tree better?

Glad to see some positive sentiment towards TPS, seems like a lot of hate because it’s not a BL2 clone.

I love BL2, but I like that TPS is went in a different direction and is shorter; time to play is hard to find anymore.

Wolf and Saint are perfect for my style of play: Saint for defensive, Wolf for distraction and suppressive fire. The middle tree is great in it’s own right as well, focusing more on guns and large benefits when your shield is depleted.

Its like saying what you like better GTA 3 or GTA vice city , even though one is just a stand alone expansion.

They both good because they really are just two parts of the same game.

BL2 FTW. BL1 Good.

BL:TPS never again.

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they have ruined all other games for me, others while entertaining pale in comparison.Destiny i’m looking at you.

I love them all. That basic Borderlands mechanic of shoot, loot and level up got me from my first session of BL1. Yet they are all different games. BL1 was all about your level. BL2 was all about your gear. TPS balanced the gear/level thing and gave us low gravity to play with.

I don’t think I could rank them. As long as I can get just … one … more … skill …point :smile:

Lol I actually haven’t even played TPS. I can’t get away from B2. I’m sure it’s good but doesn’t attract me enough to pull me away just yet.

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I certainly like both. I took Gaige through initially in BL2 but almost wish I hadn’t done that first as I’m finding that Maya and Axton have a lot to offer too.

In TPS I’ve taken Wilhelm all the way through except for Eclipse but am now finding that Athena is probably working better for me. Claptrap is going surprisingly well also, he’s getting through some areas more easily than either Wilhelm or Athena did. Mainly from sheer luck and whacky abilities.

They’re all chapters in the same story. They all rock. I want moar.