Who needs the Flakker when you have an Annexed Jericho?

People are sad about the Flakker nerf. I am too but then I saw the +40% damage to the Jericho…

I have an annexed version which consumes 3 rounds per shot and has 2100x2 damage…

When put on Mortar mode, it demolishes anything that stands in it’s AoE. If you run Drowning in Brass and Phalanx, this gets even crazier which each volley killing most of what you fire at. Use a few recurring Hex Grenade to regen your clip and you’re good to go!

Only down side, you can’t see ANYTHING with this build. Even in Circle of Slaughter Mr. Torge didn’t once say MORE F*CKING EXPLOSIONS lol…and the Jericho has friendly fire…so if you’ve a mic…make sure you you screech DAAAAAANGER ZONE constantly so your allies know not to walk into the colossal explosions constantly going off.

Happy trails!

My Jericho vanished. Not happy about that. :frowning:

My deepest sympathies. I will alert the national guard and we will give it the send off that beastly weapon deserves!

I run this with the double nukes on Iron Bear just for the pure insanity that ensues. Also so I can farm the slaughter shaft as fast as possible.

It kills me alot though… probably shouldn’t be specced into Torgue Cross Promotion

I’ve put points into IB cooldown instead. Getting the 5 sec infinite ammo on IB exit is kinda my Moze’s ultimate move, when using Vladof mortars/rocket salvo/Jericho/Scourge spam.

Plus the gun just looks cool