Who out there is close to beating M4 Woton solo Moze without exploit builds?

Any Moze players able to get close to beating Woton solo with Moze? (aside from tediore chucks and low level stop gap kind of builds)

I’d like to ask someone to test something for me.

You’ll probably want an ion cannon for ffyl, but has anyone tried the Double Downer for Woton? Since your shield is stripped basically the whole time, the double downer worked well for me to get back up with full health and shields several times. I was able to crawl from the far walls and get behind Woton’s shield to second wind off enemies that were hiding behind his shield. This was in M2 and M3 with non-optimized builds just testing it out.

I’m wondering if someone has the time to try it out for me on M4 and let me know the viability.

We all know Moze has bad sustain to try and stay in her feet, so what if we don’t stay on our feet? Just remember ffyl time diminishes rather quick, but I was able to survive 3 downs in a row and regroup.

For some reason my game refuses to let me do the full takedown on M4, my ps4 bluescreens at the valkaries. I’ve managed to do it 2 full times on lower mayhem levels where I initially tried this


That depends do you consider my ION build exploitative because I posted video of beating Wotan on M4 with it? I go down usually once or twice but I make sure to keep the easy spheres around for second winds has been my strat.

I’ve actually been very curious about the double downer and I’ve been working on some other builds to take on Wotan that don’t include launchers so maybe I’ll give that a shot once I get there.


I don’t think I consider an ion build an exploitive one. It’s a weapon that really suits Moze. It’d get stale after a while, and it might get nerfed but it’s not an exploit in my opinion. No bugs or clear developer oversights/mistakes are used in your build right?

Does your ion build require a re-router? That might be a problem. But yeah if you toss it in there I’d like to know how it fares. It’s not the best general mob shield, but I’m having a lot of luck with it

Nope I’m pretty against using things like that. I won’t even use transformer self damage or anything like it.

No I used a Re-charger in the build. (lvl 50)

The video of the Wotan fight is in the topic.


Yeah that’s cool, if you end up trying it with the double downer let me know if it’s easier/harder.

It’s tough to plan builds when I can’t do the content haha. I’m just hoping I can slip by the game crash on M4 and want to be ready for it. I’m curious about this shield, it seems like it can potentially solve a few problems with Moze being so fragile.

The ffyl is leisurely.

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I don’t either. I don’t think I consider that too much of an exploit or anything… Just not fun for me.


Yeah that’s super annoying I can’t imagine how frustrated I would be dealing with that. Have you tried re-installing the game and things like that?


Not a total reinstall, I’m waiting for the next patch. If I can’t play it when they lower the difficulty then I’m going to do that. I have a feeling there will be some optimizations in the next update.


Hi, yes I tested it on m4 and MTD. And now it’s the only shield I use. The 100% extra time and the bonus damage from the shield and the guardian rank perk “inner something” is great for easy and fast second winds.

Here’s is the video were I used the double downer against Wotan. I went in FFYL several times.

This is another build with the double downer but in this case I went further into the SoR and spec on Tenaciius defense to get the 30% bonus damage too.


Haha I like how the one down you decide you have plenty of time to reload the launcher and then swap weapons.

That’s what I was looking for, thank you. Getting an anointed one will be a pain.

Was going all the way to TD worth it?

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Great topic! Glad to see people using it! This shield immediately reminded me of Maya’s immolate boss builds in BL2 but I hadn’t had a chance to try it out.


Haha yes, even with 2 ffyl in a row theres plenty of time to do that, I knew that this was the shield my Moze needed. I was lucky to get the anointment I wanted at my 3rd try (50% corrosive damage) if you’re on ps4 I can send you one.

It’s not really that necessary, since you get like 55% from shield, GR and anointed grenades with 25% bonus damage but it’s a 30% bonus and theres no other skill that I could benefit by adding a single point at least in a significant way.

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Nice, I like it.


That could be a good strategy for my Raging Bear build but I’m super reliant on the hit points from +health/shield annoint to make it work on M4. I’ve been using Multivitamin mainly and sometimes Transformer.

The reason it could be a good strategy on the Wotan fight is simply because I get melted while out of Iron Bear :bear: :sob:.

I could potentially use the easier second wind to run the clock down on IB to get back in it.

It feels like the FFYL timer clears/resets every 90 seconds or so. The time spent in IB should reset the timer.

Lol, it’s a desperate thought but I when I last played I was getting downed into the final phase.

I’ll try it if I find the annointment I need to make IB beefy.

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I’m okay with the Alchemist interaction but beyond that, I’m the same, no Nancy-Boy tactics for me either.:see_no_evil:

Oh jeez! I feel you. That’s horrible. Mine drops pretty often right before the gate at the beginning but at least its not that far in. I’m on PS4 as well.

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Woah, hold the door, you have an Ironbear build that survives most of the wotan fight in mayhem 4? What?? Do u have a post on this somewhere?

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I have a non-anointed one, I’m currently running through the jackpot to try for an anointed one. If you end up with an extra anointed I’d gladly take it off your hands. Quest items aren’t the funnest to farm.

I’m digging the gameplay. Just an fyi, though probably overkill, artifact ffyl boosts srsck with it nicely and will get you an extra rapid down or 2.

Makes me miss my blood boy, Krieg. I miss being able to go into FFYL and have time for a bathroom break and a sandwich and still have time to grab a second wind! It truly made playing other vault hunters(in BL3) for the first time since he was released, a shock to say the least.

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Has anyone done testing on this yet? It seems to be multiple downs very quickly and the bar runs out, but if you stay up for like 20s the timer is significantly higher. Like it ramps up or something.

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It definitely not a speedrun by any stretch but yeah, I’ve cleared all the way to Wotan but haven’t beaten it yet with that build.

It’s not ideal but it is definitely doable.

I posted in a thread last night to a shocked response as well and I already agreed to share a video next time next attempt.

The build is actually really decent at Slaughter Shaft and Slaughter Star too. Clear SS but takes about 5 minutes longer than my Mindsweeper build. Still does it in about 28-29 minutes.

I do struggle really bad on Cistern but while reading last night I got the idea to try switching from Exp. Bullets/Vanquisher to the homing rockets. If that has the Oomph to take out Prismatic Badass Rakks then it will clear Cistern too.

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