Who out there is close to beating M4 Woton solo Moze without exploit builds?

In BL2, it was a different story because not every vault hunter could optimally run Tediore chucking. It was something you’d see from some Axton players or with Krieg looking to slay a raid boss with a Bloodsplosion chain. In BL3, pretty much the first bunch of players who beat Maliwan Takedown, did so with Tediore chucking, regardless of which vault hunter they played.

I can’t speak for the rest of the community in regards to how they feel about Tediore chucking in this game. I for one don’t mind the concept, but I don’t use it myself because I know I’d get bored with it very fast, and I say that as a player who used it part of the time when playing Axton in BL2.

It’s kind of like what the Bee + Sandhawk combo or Ahab-Flakker swap exploit were in BL2 - practically any VH could run them and clear the game with either, no problem. But if you’re going to devote a significant amount of time with one or two characters, it’s more fun and rewarding to explore their unique skills and traits and see what can be done with them instead of resorting to the same old and overused build which belongs to no specific vault hunter.

Good replies and thanks. I play exclusively Moze because of time constraints and because I want to be fairly skilled with a character before I move on.

There is a tremendous difference between this version and BL2.

At least on PC…SPECIFIC gear is MUCH harder and more time consuming to acquire despite the higher drop rates in BL3.

The different variety and Perks on Mods and Artifacts and the sheer AMOUNT of those different perks availability…at random…complicate greatly specific farming.

Add in the variety of anointments and crazy stuff like terror and you have a farming nightmare.

Took me 6 hard weeks to assemble the gear I wanted for my chuck build.

Probably more “skill” involved in acquiring the gear then running it LOL. I say that in jest. Even though this build allows me to solo the Raid Boss. It is a VERY dicey affair once you actually get to Wotan himself. Mobbing to get there is no problem if you are patient.

Best success rate for me is still like 1 in 4.

Good Lord that Raid needs a save point right before Wotan himself.!

I’ve gotten to Wotan 3 times in Iron Bear.

I don’t have a good shock weapon so once the fight starts I just get mobbed to death and die. Made it to his second phase though with my janky shock guns I had on me.

best record with Moze is going to the Arbalest summon phase and lasting like 10 s before being reduced to dust

Finally got this


Niiiiceee, that’s gold right there. How many runs?

That’s the rarest gunner anointment, probably you got the 30% ASC per kill after exiting iron bear prior to the one in the picture.

Congratulations. :+1:

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Can’t even count the runs… About 5 minutes a run and roughly 25+ hours… If I did it perfectly it’d be 300+ runs, I’d guess closer to 200 because I get distracted easily.

Also I got another corrosive, 2 cryo, and a bunch of those 30% ASE. Might have a rad one as well.

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Wow…I cant even imagine how happy you’re right now. That’s a lot of farming and loading screens but I guess totally worth it.

And you also got a lot of other good anointments. Time to experiment a little.
I did the exact same farm for the mendels multivitamin but the 75% is super rare so I gave up and luckuly some guy from the forum gifted it to me.

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My next one. I have to restart TVHM though.

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After reading some of what’s transpired over the past week on this thread I’m hoping to see a Moze that one shots every Wotan phase in FFYL.


Someone please

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Hopefully we get the fire ogre mags this week man. The one he sent me is definitely better than my airborn one, but it’s pretty short lived, you get like 8s of shooting with increased damage.

I’m currently farming the Alpha.

Ps reviving this topic might lead to everyone saying the beat it now

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