Who owns photo mode pics?

I was looking through some of the excellent captures in the users photo area and it came to me about ownership. I can see the argument that since all imagery in the game, location, flora and fauna, characters, their outfits and weapons etc. are artifacts of the authors creations. And it might be argued that any user creation could be conceivably created within the constructs of copyrighted material by the owners of the copyright, so does an image created by the user bestow any legal right to them for that image?
Maybe there is reference to ownership in the legal mumbo jumbo I missed, I admit to not a thorough reading and I’ve never actually ventured into capturing an imaage, I’m always too wrapped up in the moment to think creatively anyhow, I was just curious.
And please, community continue to capture those great stills, I often miss the great artwork in these games because I’m wrapped up in intensive fire fights and they are a way for me to see things in a saner environment.
BTW, keep up the great artwork, this and the local co-op are my primary reason for having bought all game related material from the original BL to now and I look forward to Tiny Tina’s new adventure…praying you won’t hose up her beloved character for woke sake!

I believe there are two distinct things at work there.

On one hand, the composition of the photo mode pic looks like it should be a derivative and/or transformative work in copyright terms, so the image as a whole likely should be © the person taking it? I think it would be different than if a person were to extract the game resources and create their own game from them, which certainly seems like it would be direct copyright infringement.

Things get a little more muddy when stuff is posted some place such as these forums, though, because of the legal mumbo jumbo in the end user agreement. That’s a little more dense but, if I understand the gist of it, it’s mostly there to protect GBX in the event that someone independently comes up with the same idea as is being used in new content under development, then sues for royalties when that content appears.

Of course the usual internet disclaimers apply here: IANAL and YMMV (depending on where on the planet you reside since provisions and enforceability vary between different countries).