Who put these escort missions in my vidya gamez? Also, prologue?

Nobody likes escort missions. Lets just get that out of the way. I do feel it bears repeating however, because half this game is made of them, especially story mode. I was not expecting this and nor do I appreciate it.

I do realize they are somewhat of a staple (God knows why) in video games but I was willing to grit my teeth and bear with it until I discovered that failing these missions means the entire session ends and you have to do it all over again. I saw checkpoints. I saw them activated and the game told me they were activated. It was my understanding this gameplay feature is specifically designed so that I could continue playing in the event of failure, without having to redo everything I had to get to that point. Four times I failed today doing these missions, one a private session and three online co-op. An hour of my recreational time wasted.

Escort missions are frustrating enough even with checkpoints. This problem I hope to God is a bug because otherwise someone on the Dev team is making some questionable decisions.

That prologue was pretty damn cool though. Shame I can’t watch it anymore. I mean it was really good, you guys probably spent a lot of money making that. I really wanted to watch it again, especially after the above mentioned issues I had. I can’t imagine what possessed anyone in their right mind to NOT include the ability to watch that intro from the Extra’s menu. That boggles my mind, that you would put that much effort into something and make it so cool and then take it away from the people who gave you their money, never to be seen again.

Obviously I’m frustrated but I’ve been looking forward to playing Battleborn for a long time and I don’t want to be let down by Gearbox after Borderlands 1 and 2. I realize this is launch day but these issues are both glaringly obvious and easily fixed. Which means this was either a massive lapse of attention and/or judgement or they were intentional design decisions, neither of which is what I expect from the Borderlands team.

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I do!


Yeah, I much prefer a simple shoot your way through. Nothing worse then spending up to an hour or more only to have the 3rd wave take out the 3rd tower defence position on the same goddamn level and be left with nothing. No way of salvaging anything. I figured the tower defence and escort rubbish would - for the most part - be left to the PvP side of the game. The campaign missions are just like playing a continuous PvP map. Not overly happy about it

Also, they’re not bugs or issues. That’s how the game was built. No way around it! I’ve played through all 8 story missions too

Personally I like the escort missions and am okay with the tower defense missions. There was (and is) a huge demand for a horde tower defense mode which is granted in the story missions… so, guess it’s just not you guys’ cup of tea?


I hate escort missions in most games, but in Battleborn, Gearbox did excellent job. I wasn’t annoyed even once during escorting the bots.

Also, they ‘had to’ put in these protection things, as buildable object one of the key elements of the Battleborn key system, otherwise Shard would be useless in story missions. If you find hard a part of the mission, try to focus on which part/wave keeps shotting down the def. points, and try to find out which mobs are the most dangerous to it, which ones can shoot it from a distance. You can even try to focus your defense towers/traps to that area, and temporal drones are big helps to slow the mobs down, and therefore they have less chance to reach the def. points.

You know if you played the beta. You would have known that there would escort missions. There was one in the beta.

Hyperbole, I was making a point that the majority of gamers don’t like escort missions because so much of it depends on the AI 90% of the time. That part isn’t an exaggeration, it’s fact that the majority of people do not like escort missions. If you do like it, that’s your thing and that’s fine but the majority don’t.

The primary issue at hand though, that would solve everything is the fact that story missions are long and a failure shouldn’t make you do it all over again. Escort missions are made much more bearable if they don’t make you do them over again from the beginning.

They don’t have to make tower defense missions, they chose to. They’re an important part of pvp but they aren’t required for a story mode, which i wish did feature more missions that weren’t a series of pvp/horde mode games. Anyone who played Brink should know that it isn’t a quality decision to replace a single player or cooperative experience with Bot mode.

Even Dark Souls and Bloodborne have shortcuts and bonfires/lanterns. If the checkpoint system allowed for mission replay on failure Most of my problems would be solved. At the very least we can all agree on the prologue replay issue though, right?

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A beta is just that and had only two missions and one escort mission I could deal with, I didn’t expect to run into them every other level.

This guy gets it.

No offense intended man but your opinion does not represent “the majority of gamers”.

We definitely should be allowed to “wipe” and start back from a checkpoint when we fail an objective. edit: I suppose it could be a function of difficulty and/or a challenge option toggle, see Halo (skulls) or Destiny

FYI, you can replay the prologue mission now.

I will say however, that even when you lose a mission, you still get experience it seems. I don’t know if you get less experience than a mission completed.