Who’s level 50 and how long did it take you?

I just hit level 50 and I feel like it didn’t take long enough. It took me 14 hours to beat the campaign and then another 3 hours to farm from 35 to 50. image

Greetings… I am level 47 just on normal playthrough playing mostly co-oop.


took me less than 2 days, rush the story, go straight to mayhem mode 3 and do alot of side quests from the earlier parts of the game you skipped and all those short quests grant boosted exp

I went from 24 to 50 in about a minute. Joined a game via matchmaking, got dumped into someone’s level 50 game. We killed what I think was a bounty kill near the starting point on Eden 6, and BOOM. At least two of us went from early 20’s to 50.

Wow. I’m level 26 and am on the “Lair of the Harpy” mission. I’ve been playing solo for around 28 hours. I’ve cleared all maps I’ve come across so far and found most secrets in each map.

One Punch made me laugh because I was level 25 when I found him and he truly lives up to his name. :grin:

48h 53m about 95%+ with all things BL3

Took me over 40 hours to hit level 50. I took my time and did all the side missions/ story missions. I had a great time.