Who’s offended by the short bus comment on Sanctuary?

Cuz that sh*t is funny. While there may be some bugs and issues with the game, at least Gearbox has a sense of humor unlike all the sensitive sissy’s out there :rofl:. :bus:


Story time: when I was in early elementary school (maybe '79), we lived way out in the sticks. The bus driver would sometimes find the regular bus without enough gas to get us home, and it was faster to switch buses than fill one up. As there were like ten of us on the ride, she’d say, “who wants to ride in the little bus”, and we’d all start chanting, “Little bus! Little bus! Little bus!”. It was just sort of novel, because every single other bus ride was on a regular big one, so this was a rare treat. Our town was small and we didn’t have any special needs kids, much less so many that they’d have their own stigmatized bus.

When this trope first came out much later, I didn’t understand it for years. “What are they talking about? Little bus is awesome!”

I only vaguely remember a quip about that from the game though.


Epic contribution, per usual, sir. Glad we have you here!


You win story time. That’s just funny lol.

Pfffft! :joy: That is so cute, funny, and awesome at the same time!

I’m sure it upsets resetera but yeah normal people find jokes funny.


It’s strange they have the testicular fortitude to make some real jokes like that but then they do this fl4k gender stuff to appease others.

Appease others?

Fl4k is literally a robot. That whole gender thing was blown out of proportion and dumb.

Yeah those people who complained about others refering to fl4k as him and gearbox changed the text in flaks skill tree to say “they” instead of “him”

What does it matter though? It literally changes nothing. It seems like the most insignificant thing to be remotely concerned about.

Iron Bear is also a “they.”

Claptrap is also referred to as “it.”

That’s my point it’s dumb to have an issue with it and then we innocent bystanders have to lose brain cells reading these people arguing back and forth about it

…all I’m gonna say is that Fl4k’s pronouns were they/them from the moment they were announced. Literally the first piece of text about Fl4k used They/Them pronouns in it. Nothing was changed to appease anyone.

You can think what you want on the topic, I’m tired of talking about it, but please, get the Objective Facts accurate. Have a lovely day or evening, time zones and stuff.

My bad if that’s true I’m just going off of some argument I literally read a bit ago and that’s what someone said and I thought it was dumb and this short bus thread seemed relatable sorry if I ruffled some feathers

I was here when the information dropped. Don’t worry, you had bad information, it happens.

What is this “short bus” all about? I genuinely don’t know, did I miss something?

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Yeah, I’ve missed this joke too, lol. There’s so many one off sidebars that some people never hear due to RNGsus

:fu: This is true although this :point_down:

  1. Is a Wiki article and not something officially from Gearbox and 2. Rather weird considering Claptrap (the specific character not the robot line) is male and is recognized as such by NPC, for example when we are told to save him. Also just because something is a robot doesn’t make them “genderless” (is this the right word?) just like Gortys is a she and GenIVIV is programmed as a female.

I am not particularly invested in the politics of this at all, but true. I am also willing to play Devil’s Advocate.

Could it be because these robots are self-aware, have personalities, and can choose how to identify themselves and Fl4k, literally being a murder-bot, just doesn’t care? They are robots.

Same for me it just strikes me as odd that the article now refers to Claptrap as a it.