Who sang the Mainframe song from Claptastic Voyage!?!?!

So, is there anyway to get an MP3 of this song? I want it on my iPod, but can’t find it on iTunes, nor is any web search I try turning up anything.

A quick Google search yielded quite a few results, including Youtube and downloads. I don’t trust random sites that require me to unblock scripting, so I didn’t try to download. Here’s a site I do trust, if you just want to listen or send someone a link.

Sounds like you had the same search I did. Oh well. Guess I’ll just watch the video on Youtube for the time being.

Gearbox, we should be able to buy this song on services like iTunes. That’s money we could be throwing your way. Mainframe and that Claptrap song from Overlook.

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I have android and would also appreciate if I could buy the song it’s catchy and fun to listen to but difficult to enjoy through YouTube since I am unable to place on repeat.