Who should I play as?

Honestly I have no clue now…I’ve played this game so much but at the sametime I haven’t lol.

Axton- My first love, my first character and my most recent solo character…I will always love the guy but I got bored of him during TVHM and I don’t think I can play him solo again.

Zer0- I’m kinda leaning towards him, I’ve played him before but only as a Melee build. I never did a gun build with him, despite me kinda wanting to play Melee Zer0 again I wouldn’t mind trying other builds with him to keep things fresh.

Maya- Another character I’m thinking of playing as, I’m doing a co-op playthrough with her but I never did a Solo playthrough as her. I know the “Meta” way of playing her is Beehawk and such but it be a new experience playing her solo.

Salvador- Auto win…it seems boring. I touched a little bit of him a while back (rocking Hyperion pistols) and the guy is a total beast, maybe a little too much of a beast. Honestly I love a challenge when playing this game and I know by the time I get Rubi/Grog and another powerful pistol I won’t be going down soon…I should know I never did a solo or co-op playthrough as him. (new experience maybe?)

Krieg- Did a wonderful co-op playthrough as him. Still doing one in fact. I think I’m having my fill already lol.

Gaige- I did a solo playthrough as her (only though NVHM) but that was waaaaay back. Her Deathtrap/Melee build seems fun though lol, I don’t know should I do her solo? Wink Wink :wink: (bad joke v.v)

Now don’t get this wrong, I am an experienced player at this game. I’m just bored and I can’t pick who I should play as lol.

I think you answered your own question. If you’re looking for a new experience, play Sal. Just not in the way you expect you’ll play him, but in the way you find yourself playing him. If you go in with the idea that you’ll DPUH grog everything of course it’ll be boring. Expand beyond that horizon and try something you wouldn’t think of. In that way, Sal is the most liberating character since he can mesh any two things together.

Still feeling like blowing s**t up with Torgue? Use double Kerblasters and fastballs. Want to try sniping? Longbow is good from the hip. And the ammo regen from Hoarder screams for tediore abuse. Just give it a try, you may surprise yourself.

Also, about the “meta” (I didn’t think borderlands had a meta. We don’t take our endgame that seriously lol) way to play Maya, that sounds like a pain. A binder, cat, or siren is all you need to do them deeps. Beyond that, there’s a large variety of weapons that work with her. Constraining Maya to beehawking outside of raids is a waste of so many of her talents.


Maya can get away with almost any weapon. I solo’ed the peak with her using a hammerbuster (have yet to get my hands on a bekah), blockade, NE tattler, FFYL launcher and switching back and fourth with a leg siren and leg cat using the same build. She is tons of fun when you get the flow down, and can be super tanky if built right

I’m doing a pistol build with him at the moment. It is tons of fun and feels very fluid.

Create your own challenge, play him with a brawn build. I never got the hang of that one, but then again, I only use Sal to farm for other characters when needed. The only reason I took him through all three play throughs and the peak

I really like this response. Over in another thread, @Chuck80 is trying to figure out how to make a Brawn build work for everything end-game, something that I would have thought was likely impossible but is actually starting to look pretty good. Kittenzerker is a thing, too. Aside from that, though, NVHM and TVHM give you so many different choices for ways to play and builds to make it possible for any character that it’s well-worth trying something you wouldn’t expect based on UVHM/OP perceived wisdom. Frankly, it’s a blast!

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[/quote][quote=“VaultHunter101, post:4, topic:1276032”]
I really like this response.

[quote=“Cody2Hottie, post:1, topic:1276032”]
Gaige- I did a solo playthrough as her (only though NVHM) but that was waaaaay back. Her Deathtrap/Melee build seems fun though lol, I don’t know should I do her solo? Wink Wink :wink: (bad joke v.v)

I do to, but I do things a little different. I have all the toons going, all at different levels, if one starts getting boring or the same ole same ole, I switch to a different toon and play that one for awhile trying different things

on Gaige, except for being such a screamer, take her for a spin through TVHM

I’ve played Salvador with over 4 dozen different builds and loadouts and there is definitely room for fun and diversity :slight_smile:

Grog/DPUH is the most popular combo…it works that’s for sure, no doubting that. It gets stall very fast.

My favorite way to play Sal in general is Hoarder. Kittehzerker is a textbook example, but there are so many great ones: Dual Slow Hands, Slag Slow hand + CC/Butcher/Heartbreaker/Blockhead/Omen, Kitten + Ogre/Lead storm/Shredifier/Sawbar/Chopper, Hail + Lead storm, Dual hail, Grog + Lyuda (my favorite), Dual Topneaas, Creamer + Topneaa,

… and that’s just ONE COM :wink:

To the OP:

Based on what you originally posted…

I’d go the Maya route…

Good compromise for all your plusses and minuses.

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I have been playing as Maya (on Xbox 360) almost exclusively (exceptions being Gaige and Axton) since Borderlands 2 was released and can say that I very very rarely Beehawk and almost never even use a Bee shield. The only times I do that is if I am farming someone like the Snowman, Knuckle Dragger, etc. I don’t even us the Beehawk while farming WEP for LLMs, mainly because of Rabid Stalkers / Rabid Skags who will take your shield and health in a few hits especially at OP8. Relying too heavily on the Beehawk as a “crutch” of sorts can make you a sloppy player. Granted, the Beehawk method can also force you to potentially be more cautious and aware of your surroundings. If you do decide to play as Maya, I recommend Beehawking sparingly.

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In my case, Pyro Pete, because otherwise it’s just too slow. Otherwise yes, Maya does not need to Beehawk to be a monster on the field. Bee? Sometimes, but there are others I prefer. Sandhawk? OK, but I’ve only got the shock one so that’s not much help a lot of the time. There are so many other guns to use with Maya (or, really, anybody)!

Try different skill trees other than what you started with. For me that means my new Sal and Zero are in the Brawn and Bloodshed trees respectively and have stayed in those trees until finishing normal. When I make my other new VH’s I’ll use different trees to start with- Krieg will get Mania instead of Bloodlust, Axton will get Gunpowder over Survival, Maya takes Motion over Harmony and Gaige will get Anarchy instead of LBT…

Got alot of really good suggestions here, I didn’t expect to see alot of replies once I woke up lol. I’m still a bit puzzled on who I should play as this time around but I’ll definitely take all your suggestions into consideration and think carefully on who I wish to play as.

Ah man now this is…very hard. I narrowed it down to these two characters, both first time solo characters too! I had my mind set on Salvador at first but then I started watching alot of +Derch videos on youtube and…wow just seeing how he plays Maya really makes her interesting.

In these types of situations I normally would just do two playthroughs like I did in the Pre-Sequel (Hell I did 3 playthroughs in that game lol Jack/Wilhelm/Athena). Though in BL2 I often pay more attention to one character than the other. (I think it’s cause it’s alot longer game then TPS is.)

So to recap, Salvador is like totally new to me. I never played as him in Solo or in Co-op. Maya I’m currently playing as her in co-op playthrough but I’m sorta going with the flow, I don’t know much about her so I might be using skills that might not be good. Maybe a solo playthrough could help fix that lol? (I only have Maya fever cause of Derch’s videos xD)

[quote=“boombumr, post:2, topic:1276032”]And the ammo regen from Hoarder screams for tediore abuse.[/quote]That and at least one Deliverance for covering both air and land; with two Deliverances, there’s the anti-air adage: “If it flies, it dies.”</font color>