Who should I play BL1 as: Mordi or Roland?

Due to the PS3 versions of BL1 being back and better than ever with improved Mic Quality, My girlfriend and I are heading back in!
But while She is going back as Lilith again, I don’t know who to choose:

Mordecai for his Sniping and Gunslinging skills, (I love Sniper Rifles and Revolvers) along with the Badass Bloodwing (with an extremely exploitable cooldown)?

Or Roland and his incredible defensive abilities and Combat Rifle effectiveness along with his Turret’s supportive capabilities?

I’m having a tough time deciding, I have until around Sunday to choose (that’s when we’ll be ready to start).

What do you think?


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You think he’s better or is easier to use early on?

i don’t like Roland.

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Mordy’s the hardest early on; Bloodwing gives him no defensive options at first unlike all the other action skills and damage isn’t really a problem early game. Out For Blood really helps with your survivability but until then you’ll have to rely on health items and simply avoiding damage to stay healthy.

Roland is probably the best “team player”, if your doing coop.

I much prefer playing Mord thoigh

because your supposed to use the early game to learn how to snipe.

Between you and your gf, who is the one most likely to charge straight in guns blazing, and who is more likely to hang back?

Roland is solid, his turret is a definite plus in co-op, and he can certainly lead the charge. If you’re the one heading in first, I’d go Roland.

I agree with @Poisonedbite that Mordecai is more fun to play, though. I played him solo, mostly sniping though as BL was my first real FPS and I absolutely sucked at being a gunslinger. If you’re more the “cover the phoenix while she burns everything to death” type, go sniper Mordy.

personally, i like sniping from so far away the other enemies AI doesn’t trigger when I headshot their buddies.

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Mordecai. Because he is adorable.

I mean powerable…I mean powerful.

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Excellent with revolvers, snipers and anything that’s corrosive, and he has Bloodwing which is an incredible help in the field.
That and his laugh, hardly any VH can top that.

Not everyone wants to play sniper. What if you want to do pistols or shotguns? You’re not going to get much use out of Gun Crazy if you’re only sniping.


Because he has 100% more Mordecai than any other player…guaranteed.

As I said (cryptically), there’s more to him than just sniping. He’s excellent with corrosive weaponry for one.
And then there is the Truxican Westler COM, that makes him the melee specialist.
I oculd go on and on.

i said i like to. Never said i’m not perfectly capable of using a masher to headshot. from a regular sniper distance.

Shotgun Mordecai is tons of fun. Get a nice spiked shotgun and pair it with Lethal Strike…Shink shink for days.

Go with what you love.

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This is one thing I never really been able to master honestly.

Brick. PUNCH everything! :blrage:

Serious answer? I’m going to be different and go with Roland. There’s something nice to be said about a character that can provide good healing for both himself and the team, have a regenerating supply of ammo and grenades, a great agro sink, and be a sustainable bullet hose.


Yeah, my second favorite thing to do in BL1 is grab a S&S, a good Heavy Gunner COM, and shoot 310+ bullets without reloading.