Who should I play BL1 as: Mordi or Roland?

i like Roland because he’s a good mix - he can basically use all the guns to a good standard as long as you practice with them all including sniper (‘haha - nailed it!’) - well apart from the rocket launcher but then i’m useless with those anyway

and if you’re playing SP you still have the Scorpio, which is as he says ‘like having another soldier on the field’ - especially if you have the supply drop ability - very handy for the Underdome that…

Yea but do you need to master it to just have fun with it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I used Mordecai the first time through way back, but then I switched to Lilith for more defensive capabilities. Later I just became addicted to using Roland because of his support gunner character class items with the built in ammo regen as some of my guns use a ton of ammo.

I’ve actually wanted to start up on BL1 again because I still have all my characters with all of the guns and stuff my friends and I created from quite a few years ago. If you want some help from online, I’d be more than glad to help you farm for stuff.

the best Roland combination is the heavy gunner mod with increased mag size and weapon damage (these seem to be quite rare but i’ve had one for ages) and then equip the Scorpio’s supply drop skill - that way you get regen and the extra offensive capabilities at the same time :sunglasses:

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Maybe if I had a better Trux COM…