Who Should I Play Next?

Hey guys! So I’ve been playing the same characters a lot lately and I was just wondering if you guys could give me some ideas of new characters to play and possibly direct me to a build to use for that character. Right now I main Deande, Pheobe, Kleese, El Dragon, and Rath (in order from favorite and most played to least favorite and least played). If you guys could give me some ideas on who I might like to play next it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Kid Ultra: Make them bolas do work, son
Alani: Rip(tide) it up
Galilea: Desecrate everything as annoyingly as possible and shield stun all day
Orendi: Be fast, be crazy, be shadowfire pillar happy

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Well, it looks like you enjoy some melee characters, so try gali, boldur, or pendles. If you want to expand your playstyles, try shayne, melka, or caldi for some mid range. Maybe go long range with marquis, thorn, or whiskey. There is always a need for a good support, so learn reyna, alani, or miko.

Try making more universal loadouts and select random a couple times, see who you like.

Pendles, Shayne, and Mellka should be at the top of your list IMO

Shayne is close range with mid rand capabilities though

Pendles has high skill floor and ceiling though (I should know) off topic how does feel to fight, and in this order a good, a great pendles and a master pendles (with no marquis reveal, but can have marquis)

Good Pendles are boring
Great Pendles are a fun challenge, I love being on my toes
Master Pendles are my favorite thing
Pin me against anyone, please have it be him. It makes the game feel like an action puzzler. In order to escape the Pendles, you gotta think like the Pendles

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I feel the same way on master pendles, they can actually use ninjineering good and trick you into thinking you know where they are using it, and throw you, off late game a master pendles is like dealing with a combination of solid snake and joker “in order to escape the pendles, you have to think like the pendles” that is the most true phrase ever

Good pendles are boring really because we’ll they’ve only scratched the skill floor and are very unrisk

Great pendles can surprise me

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Attikus is very fun, but takes a lot of skill.

He’s a tanky skirmisher with high DPS and high survivability.

He excells on Meltdown, Capture, and Face-Off, but can be difficult in Incursion.

Initiate fights with your charged hook (which you can charge while sprinting). Sprint up to people or ambush them and try to get a critical hit with your charged hook. The critcal damage is enough to push back many characters or even kill them.

If you aren’t close enough in melee to hit someone with your primary combo, you need to be charging your hook. It’s your primary source of burst damage.

When someone is running away, try to Pounce in front of them, rather than on them. This way, missing isn’t a big penalty as you can still body block them.

Pop Hedronic Arc only when it won’t waste your charges, as the bonus isn’t too great. However, use it as often as possible. It’s a great source of added DPS.

Your ultimate is very versatile, but most lethal at full charges when it slows. It’s best used to kill or hinder enemy players, especially bouncies and/or squishies. Don’t use it to wave clear unless you have to, your wave clear is exceptional just from Hedronic Arc (especially with the Hedronic Chain helix) and punching things.

For your helix:

Level 1: Left or Right. Both options rely heavily on what helix option you pick later on. These options are both equally sub-par, but right is generally better.

Level 2: Left. The slow also applies on Energetic Burst. (Level 1 right)

Level 3: Right. Tenacity gives you a HUGE DPS boost. This pick is essential.

Level 4: Left. Since the effect of Dampening Arc applies everytime an enemy is damaged by Hedronic Arc, this effect lasts for Hedronic Arc’s duration + 1 second. The other option is not that great, as you can barely notice the speed boost.

Level 5: Left or Middle. I generally pick left for massive sustain, but you can use middle if you want to be more bursty. Generally, you won’t have to worry about stacks enough to pick middle.

Level 6: Right. This allows you to Pounce a low health enemy for a kill, then immediately escape. You might want to pick left if you’re having trouble with someone with lots of shield strength.

Level 7: Right or Middle. I almost always go right, since Swift Strikes + Tenacity = very high DPS. You can also pick middle if you want to be more bursty with critical charged hooks.

Level 8: Left. The increased AoE makes it easier to land your slow.

Level 9: Left or Right. Use Hedronic Chain to damage and lower the DPS of a huge group of enemies with Dampening Arc, or use Aftershock to lower the DPS of a single target for a long time. I usually go left.

Level 10: Left. This gives you amazing waveclear and killing potential with your ultimate. It is very hard to survive this attack.

For gear, I recommend sprint speed, damage reduction, and attack damage.

Tanky skirmisher equals Brawler (sorry I has to point that, also cool to see a main attikus

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, it really helps a lot, so far I’m thinkin about trying Pendles and Attikus.

Your choice of characters is very broad, but since you like Deande the most, I’d suggest ‘Shayne and Aurox’. They have…

  • Stealth mechanics just like Deande
  • They are a melee/ranged hybrid like Deande
  • And they have a similar skill loop to Deande’s

The difference is that instead of having high burst damage and evasiveness like Deande, S&A focus more on good sustained damage and tank-ability to get through fights. While S&A can assassinate pretty well, they mostly trade that in for good wave clear.

If you choose to play S&A my one hint is that from my experience her skill “Stealth Strike” is her initiator skill, just as Holotwin is Deande’s initiator skill.

Yup. And thank you for pointing out how good of a waveclear she can be, that everything fetch is amazing

What he above epicenter said, shayne and aurox are similar at first, but differ later on, her left helix fun focuses on harassing, while right “games” is for killing and being tankier