Who should I start with for TPS?

I lived and breathed BL1 and BL2 in Siren class and have always been a bit perplexed as to who to play in TPS. I always did elemental damage hardcore with my Sirens. I have never played TPS beyond getting off the space station.

Which character would the group suggest I start with? I started a playthrough with Nisha yesterday but…yah. Got kinda I dunno bored by the time I hit the moon surface.

Any suggestions would be great as I would like to see the story through at least. :slight_smile: I’ve played everything else including Tales, would be a shame to miss out on the story here.

You should definitely play Athena, she has dedicated tree to elemental damage.


I started with Athena. All in terms of story she’s an assassin, she has some amazing elemental powers that can literally conjure up a storm.

The other strong elemental character would probably be Aurelia? My only problem with her is that the upper class English accent is poorly done and, since I know exactly what it should sound like, it rubs me the wrong way. But she is fun to play, and her full on cryo stuff can bring a PS3 or 360 to its knees very effectively. Oh, and Scavs too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly just play as Handsome Jack if you can. He’s the overall best character and was designed with TPS in mind.

Athena or Jack are lots of fun.
If you play coop maybe Aurelia if you are into sniping

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!! I will take a look at Athena since she seems to pop up a lot. :smiley:


Not very fun to play imo

He’s the best desgined vault hunter. He can do the raid boss without heavy speccing, has an amazing grenade playstle metagame, all mixed in with some of the most generous, powerful, and diverse skills in the series. Easy gun damage, guaranteed survivability with his amazing health Regen and damage sharing with clones, clones as second wind, awesome capstones, kill skills that proc on action skill activation, and the best Legendary com (Celestial Doppleganger makes all guns 100% accurate).

Not sure what smoke you’re on but I want some

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That just makes him over powered not fun to play, I find Zero fun to play because he requires skill to play him he is a very squishy character so its up to the player to keep him alive but he also deals lots of damage so theres a nice reward for playing him well

id say Athena is better designed since she has 2 playstyles that play really different from each other melee, and elemental builds. She doesnt get damage for free like Jack you need to actually think when playing her.

Claptrap, Sheriff, and Wilhelm are also insanely overpowered, they just don’t have turrets with your shield mod and the *Corporate Benifits" skill to go along with it. Athena isn’t a fun time leveling elementally
(it’s quite boring) and her action skill is situational; but she’s the replacement for a Siren on this one so it’s an easy pick.

I dont think Claptrap is broken by design he has a more balanced version of money shot, and is great with explosives, he doesnt get insane fire rates, infinite ammo, and able to eat damage. If Athena, Jack, or Nisha was in BL2 they would break the game because of how many more overpowered weapons there are.

If you’re ■■■■ at aiming (like me), then Nisha’s definitely fun. I’d also get the UCP so that you can farm a Flayer from Denial Subroutine