Who the best vault hunter in trvhm

like the topic and is the trvhm worth doing ??

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TRVHM is worth it, I think. You can fire up the Mayhem Modifiers as you see fit, and without any, I think it’s pretty comfortable.

There can be only one best Vault Hunter, and that Vault Hunter is Athena.

I kid… in BL3? My favorite changes from hour to hour (I love 'em all). It’s Zane at the moment, but ask again in a few minutes. :wink:


hahahaha i get little bored with fl4k and i just don’t know who should i go for the tvhm zane or fl4k or start from the very beginning with amara or moze

Amara is going to be the most versatile and also face-roll. Moze is very interesting, kind of limited to a few build types with several builds though. Zane is going to be harder to get to a level to where he’s awesome, but he’s awesome.

So far, for me, sans Mayhem Fl4k has been the best on TVHM. My Demolition and Bottomless Mags Mozes are having rougher times. I have two Amaras that are lagging behind and haven’t gotten there yet. And I have a Zane who I still just don’t much like playing.

The best VH is the hidden fifth character… Bandit Steve… >.>

On a more serious note.

On my Moze I can mow over just about anything. On M3 I may swap a weapon or 2 depending on what modifiers roll.

FL4K can pretty much do the same. However currently I’ve been messing around with different builds with them. The crit build can melt things but feels a bit boring.

I’ve started Zane and Amara but been side tracked by Bloody Harvest and other games so they aren’t up there yet. I probably should finish them up to 50 just to clear out the saved “leveling” legendaries in my bank.

Amara>Moze/Fl4k>Zane IMO Amara Is a god at every part of the game mobbing or bossing. But this ranking is likely gonna change soon once the patch for pet and anointed gear comes out (Zane-Moze-Fl4k) are the one that are gonna receive buff.

Moze grenade spam will get change so donno how it will work in the future.

Amara will probably not get Huge change to her kit since its pretty much well balanced unlike the other VH.

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Finsihed a Moze playthrough. Almost done with an Amara playthrough. Zane/Flak are near the beginning so I don’t have experience with everybody yet BUT with that said Amara is in another league of her own when it comes to this game. She is so good in TVHM Mayehm.
Everyone should definitely have her leveled up. (At least the way she is now)

That kind of depends on you. Sure there is a meta list right now but I find it more enjoyable trying to make your play style work with your favorite character rather than copying a meta. Use what you think is the most fun.

And TVHM is definitely worth doing, just mind the larger number of anointed enemies.


I’m only midway through my elemental Amara, but from the builds I’ve played in TVHM and Mayhem, gun Moze (with Lyuda and incendiary Faisor) is by far the easiest. I don’t even care about Iron Bear or grenades, it’s like sleepwalking through anything the game throws at me.

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FL4K is fun to play with but Amara is so hard to kill that I enjoy her the most. I didn’t even finish NVHM yet with Moze (lvl 35) or Zane (lvl 5) so I can’t speak regarding them yet.

If you’ve gotten the right drops, 1 hit point Moze is pretty bad news. 35k to 40k shields, massive damage output, when your shields get low jump in bear to let them recharge.

Amara with phaselock is great for countering the most annoying enemies.

Zane feels underpowered but so much fun to play when using the clone swaps right.

Fl4k has my favorite voice lines and it feels like invis is constantly up, but the pet keeps giving the enemy visual cover so he gets annoying.

I roll Moze most of the time, she’s the most fun to play as high shields run and gun forever. I have all the others at 50 and will occasionally jump on one of them if I want to try something different.

here is the thing i want to play with all of them

I don’t get it, why is zane considered underpowered by sum but then by other youtubers he’s breaking records? Is he just super gear dependent? I also don’t understand why the siren is considered to be so strong.


Zane is not as straightforward as the other VH’s. It’s just that simple, many people just don’t understand how he works. If you want to see someone who does extensive testing on Zane and understands him very well, look up Kai_tw, who’s a well known record setter from bl2.

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what I really like about TVHM is the upscaling for enemies always being at your level and so are the loot and mission rewards. As soon as you get a few better items tho regular TVHM can become boring quite quickly so thank god for the Mayhem modifiers (with just 1 legendary I was comfy at M2 right off the bat"

So just give it a try, a death isnt of any importance and you can at any time scale back down. You might be getting quiet addicted to the increased loot chances tho so you were warned hehehe

I have all 4 50 lvl VH. And Zane is my first and favorite, he is fun, but he is the only one who can’t beet all mayhem mode 3 modifiers. He has bad killing skills(they dont burst damage and dont stucks), all his bonus damage is from first red tree talanet and 2 ultas. Here’s summary of +damage% of my VH (+class mods and stuck of 3 kills, but without relics )


Prove me wrong, minions.

Probably should add something more…
I find they all are fun. Flak melts faster but Zane was more rewarding to play. Those are the only 2 I have hit on.

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Only have Fl4k and Amara so far, and Amara hasn’t quite reached L50 yet, so take my observations with a pinch of salt!

But I’m finding Fl4k is great for boss fights, with his/her amazing crit skills, while Amara seems to be much better with mobs. E.g. it takes me less than a minute to kill Graveward with Fl4k but Amara is more of a traditional wear him down slog. And I could kill Warden before he managed to evolve even once with Fl4k but I couldn’t prevent him evolving with Amara. But when there’s a group of enemies I can just light them up with Amara and watch them all burn. Fl4k can do wonders with crits even there but generally Amara is more satisfying and (I think) quicker.

And it could be just because I’m more used to the game but I found myself doing a few side quests to help level me up with Fl4k but not touched a single one with Amara - am finishing the story a good 5 levels lower with her than I did with Fl4k