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i urge everyone who looks at this to actually THINK AND USE THEIR HEADS and go deeply into how the character plays and analyze it especially their ability’s, think about how their helix choices are OP or pretty close, and how they can pretty much destory any support by themselves keeping in mind that the support has 1 or 2 teammates by them or how its almost impossible to get away from them especially if they come out of nowhere. PLEASE BE CIVIL AND RESPECTFUL AND POST POLITE OPPOSITIONS IF YOU HAVE ANY. just trying to get the handle on how GBX came up with the idea that increasing benedicts damage was a good idea and how people think ambra isnt close to if not OP[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • Ambra is overpowered or pretty close
  • Benedict is overpowered or pretty close

They reverted Benedict’s damage AND took away his reload clipping.

He’s not OP anymore, in fact far from it.


Could you add an Ambra is not overpowered option and a Benedict is not overpowered option?


I’m gonna go ahead and say Ambra - she’s a support for goodness sake, she shouldn’t be able to two-shot me from full health (as Thorn), which she did my most recent encounter with her. There is a support with a reasonable amount of attack, and then there is an attacker with an occasional heal, and Ambra unfortunately is an attacker with loads of heals.

It is nice to have characters who kind of sit between the borders, attacker-heal hybrids, but I think Ambra just needs to be toned down a notch. Not much, just a little bit. Also Alani as well. Benedict is pretty well balanced at present, in my opinion.

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Can she do that? Ambra is my second-most played character and I’ve never two-shotted anyone from full health!


Pretty sure Ambra can’t two-shot a person. If by some chance she did do that, it was a stroke of luck or a bug.


I don’t think either of them are overpowered. After the next big update, Benny won’t be able to crit, which is what makes his damage so crazy. All they really need to do for Ambra is make the cut off range for her staff shorter, preferably the same range as her lock on.




When did they do that?

Yes she can - she had a full set of legendary attack damage gear and hit me with that thing where she slams the staff down pommel-first for the crazy knockback. I was at about 1000-1050 health at that point and it just dropped like a stone.

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If you manage to get your 3 Leggies unlocked for anyone, you deserve to get some 2 shotting done.


What level were you and the Ambra?

Edit: Also, if you’re at 1k hp, then you were not killed in two hits from full health.


I was 8 or 9, she was 10. She actually went 25-3-18 that match.

A level 9 Thorn, with no health gear, has 1715 health.

I am 100% confident that Ritual of Repulsion cannot do that amount of damage, even with Sunspotter and Bola’s Target Finder. Even if you had a Priority Target on you, for that matter, there is just no way.


Priority Target probably was a thing - but I also run a zero-cost shard generator that reduces my maximum health by around 150 ish. I have no idea how it happened, but it did.

I suppose it’s possible i was at less than max health, so at like 80-90% or so, but that green bar definitely went down in two big chunks.

That’s awful! Do you do that by preference, or just from lack of choice? Thorn can run a -healing power shard gen to get free shards without any disadvantage; even without one of those, it’s far better to just take a basic common shard gen (it’s not worth losing max health just to save on the equivalent of a few ground shards!)

Even with all those factors thrown in, I can promise you that Ritual of Repulsion did not two-shot your Thorn. I’m going to get some solid numbers for you in a second (I’m working on a major Battleborn project today, so it’s a good time…), but even having not done those calculations yet, I am super-certain Ritual of Repulsion cannot be increased to that point.

Did you toggle to the “damage sources” screen? Any chance you were standing in her ult?


Yeah, Ritual of Repulsion doesn’t do that much damage. It’s easy to think that you died from one thing when, in fact, it was another thing that killed you. The numbers you see on the death recap screen are not always accurate, and they don’t always tell all of what hit you.


I just take the -health thing because it’s max stat and I don’t have another option (too lazy to play more story mode because my RNG luck is just atrocious) if I want to get my legendaries when they actually matter. Her lore gear gives +regen, so it balances out okay.

I don’t think I toggled the death info screen, so I guess it’s possible her ult did hit me. I think the only other thing that damaged me was a tier 1 shock turret but I can’t be sure.

You don’t have to play Story to get the free shards gens - just buy tons of the cheapest loot packs possible. That’s actually the best way to find them. I never PVE and I have every max roll free shard generator variant there is :slight_smile:

Oh, and:

It really doesn’t. Max health is more efficient and effective than +regen, point for point, and reducing your max health also makes regen less efficient (it caps out more quickly, and so does nothing.)


Stop giving away all the secrets! We want to stomp these noobs, not help them get better!

Why? That wouldnt make any sense at all

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