Who to go with first?

I’m asking what characters in both Borderlands 2 and the prequel should I go with? I will use this first character to get gear for when I make my second one and others. So, I guess the real question is which one is good at doing thing solo at raids?

Sal is easy mode in BL2, but Maya is IMO the most diverse and enjoyable character to use, though her only real raiding option is BeeHawking but she’s very good at it.

Borderlands 2: Either Maya or Axton.
Axton really focusses on all kinds of weapons, giving a big introduction to Pandora.
Maya really focusses on elemental damage, which can also be seen as a basic :slight_smile: .
So for your first playthrough I’d say those 2.
Later on you can check out characters that require more specific builds like Zero, Gaige or Salvador and Krieg.

Raiding -> Salvador xD

Pre-Sequel however…
I picked Nisha as my first playthough because I was afraid that the moon would be too bouncy xD All in all, a fun playthrough and definitely recomendable if you like pistols. Otherwise I would say Athena purely for damage output.

Have Fun!

If you want speed kills, probably Sal and Nisha. But my real recommendations would be Axton or Maya in BL2 and Athena or Jack in TPS.

You’re going it get all sorts of suggestions I say Sal or Maya for bl2 and Nisha or “Jack” for tps. Aurelia is the easiest for normal mode in tps but after that enemies become more resistant to her cyro skill so her skill becomes much weaker in tvhm and uvhm.

Opinions will definitely vary, but I personally say Zer0 for Borderlands 2 as he has this neat skill called B0re which can be used on a lot of the bosses with a bit of practice and can result in near insta-kills. Sal is probably an easier learning curve though and is widely used to solo majority of things, but I personally have not used him for that so I can’t give any personal opinion based on experience.

With TPS I use Athena as I just love being able to pop up the shield which nearly acts as invincibility as long as you don’t have your back to an enemy, haha. I also love to be able to use the shield and get really close to enemies while using the Boomacore which I consider one of the best guns in the game. Again I have heard that Jack is really good as well, but haven’t been able to experiment.

Axton for BL2 and Nisha for TPS, can’t go wrong there and once complete you will be familiar with game set-up and be more able to decide on your play style.

Enjoy for they are great games.