Who to play I'm somewhat rusty and I stayed in level 50

Quien para jugar estoy en nivel 50

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Took the liberty of running your title through Google tranlsate since you’ll have more luck in English around these parts. And, on the off chance that I guessed wrong (Portuguese?) and Google translate flubbed a bit, are you looking for advice on choosing a character for UVHM, looking for someone to play with, or both? Let me know, and I’ll get you moved to a more appropriate section.


Speaking of rusty (I’m always down to practice some Spanish; if any of this makes me sound like an idiot, let me know :smile:)

Solamente una personaje esta en nivel 50? Asi esta preguntando de cual personaje para empezar de nuevo? Quien es su personaje ya a nivel 50?

Only one character is at level 50? As in, you’re asking which character to start new? Who was your character already at level 50?