Who uses gravity snare here?

All other VHs got a cool 4th skill.
But Fl4K’s gravity snare…
I can’t use this skill well anyway.
He got dominance skill, can be easily confusing

Are there any builds comparable to other action skills?
gamma burst, fade away, rakk attack.
It is a paid skill, but it is not compared.

Definitely needs an overhaul. It’s weird because I think Fl4k has some of, if not, the best main game stuff to work with. While Fl4k dlc be lacking.

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Honestly I haven’t seen almost anyone use this action skill. I used it while leveling up a new Fl4k character a few months back but ditched it once I realized how underwhelming it was.

Here’s a thread of Fl4k players suggesting ideas to make it better if you’re interested in more discussion about it

I use it. It’s fun and does what I expect… I don’t make builds to write home about though.

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I used the Gravity Snare quite a bit when it was fairly new but I lost interest after a few hours of play at max level. It’s a neat concept but even with the best augments its a bit of a let-down in my opinion. I would use it if it received some buffs, but FL4K’s Purple Tree would also need to be buffed so investing into the tree for augments doesn’t feel like as much of a waste.

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why would you want to torture yourself like that