Who uses mikos legendary?

I just got it and have yet to use it. It seems very underwhelming. I have another legendary, Mossire’s Mukluks that gives +30% movement which works very well with the helix Residency(+5 biosynthesis duration).

My current epic that I would have to change out is
+14% heal power
+9.8% healing recieved
-42 Shield Recharge per Second

And it only costs me 756 to activate, opposed to
+12% Heal power

  • 3.6% Movement speed
    Miko Only: Add 50% of kunai poison damage dealt to your next healing beam pulse

Even without texting it, it just doesnt seem worth it.

I use this Legendary all the time. It lets me hit these burst heals of up to 600 hp. underwhelming in story mode. WTF frustrating for the other team in PVP. I mean you are poisoning things anyway right? Why not get the burst heals and change the tide of battle?