Who voices alani?

Asked on the Alani page and someone suggested it might of been Bryn Apprill, I can kinda hear her.
I really like her voice and had a scroll through the game credits hoping it was updated in the patch, would love to know if theres any confirmation 'cause i know i know that voice from somewhere.

Can i politely point out im not looking for anyone opinions on her voice… im simply asking if anyone knows her VA.

Side note: Alani is really gonna need her own topic folder thing… cause i see her getting alot of topics

That beautiful voice is the siren song of killing umbra. There to lure you in with false hope only to snatch it away with your life and soul

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Man, I hate her voice… :weary: I’ll probably get used to it but in the span of one match I just wanted her to stay silent for one minute. Yeah there’s a Galilea. Yeah I’m going to kill her, no matter how much you don’t want to :grin:

Is she finally in the playable roster yet? I had unlocked her an hour ago but she never appeared, so I just played a few rounds and then stepped away for awhile.

She wasn’t there at first when I unlocked her, booted up another match and there she was :slight_smile:

She’s playable for me on PC.

I’ll have to check it out. I’m on PS4, so maybe just the servers are a tad overloaded??? My boyfriend plans to get home early today, so I’m sure he could help me figure it out since he has a knack of making things work. That aside, how does she play?

I love her so much, its 3am so gf and i only played one story game but shes fun as to play! i love her theame and her skills are cool :slight_smile: i recommend!

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If we keep killing people nobody will play with us Becky!

same, I really love her mechanics but the dialogue and voice are not my cup of tea
which is weird because i never had problems with any other BB character, Benedict gets on my nerve sometimes but besides him everything was awesome.

Whoever the voice actress is of alani, she sure did the best she could, I think that the reason I don’t really like alani’s voice over has to do with the fact that she reminds me of someone that i just don’t like. That and really stupid dialogue 50% of the time.


Gaige, how come you never told us you have a twin sister named Alani?! :dukeparty:

I would think shayne as more a sister to gaige with the whole monster/death trap vibe

Reference is to the voice, obviously … :dukehappy:

Ah I havnt played her yet still at work so I had to watch the lets play video with no sound :frowning:

I am totally in love with her! Her personality speaks to me and the way she is handled is very relaxing for me and doesn’t make me feel like I gave to rage every five seconds. I just need to pay attention for when I’m about to be left alone cause she can get swept under imo (I tend to blissfully get lost in killing menions that I forget the other team is closing in on me and oh crap, the ally I was with ran off). But yes! I am totally making her my main love but at least I have several others I like for in case I have to pick another in pvp.

U’ll get my point when u do … :dukestar:

Lol looking forward to it!

Nah it’s not Cherami, i’d of picked up on that instantly

I just can speak for the german version. And the voice they gave her is the same as Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2 and that means she sounds like a screeching insane kid … that was really good for Tiny Tina in B2 , but for Alani?! It absolutely does not reflect what you see on screen and i’m disappoiinted a bit.

Is this the same ( tiny tina = alani )in the english/US version?

Nope Tiny Tina voices Orendi which fits really well actually