Who wants a BL machinima?

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Hello everyone! (if this is in the wrong place, my sincere apologies; I figured it was a future fan project related to a Gearbox Software game, so here goes)

I’m a big Borderlands fan and so I thought I might make a machinima of one of the games when my current machinima project is finished. I wonderthough if there is any interest in a Borderlands machinima and I figured this is one of the best places to ask! I’m also thinking that there might be less interest for a Borderlands 2 machinima since it has been out a while and that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel might be too constraining in terms of locations and NPC’s to have another plot take place there that is a part of the machinima, though I’ll look into that some more.

And thus I ask of my fellow forumites and Borderlands fans any helpful commentary and/or interest in such a project. Maybe some people would even be interested in participating in this future endeavour. So, penny for your thoughts?

Note: not an actual penny.


Question: Would you like this machinima to be comedic, dramatic and/or dark? It’s that as much as I love writing and making another series, I’d prefer to make something a lot of people would enjoy:D

While avoiding spilling my preliminary concept, I’ll try to go into more detail as to what I would be going for: as with my current Mass Effect machinima, I would bring a moderately big cast of quirky characters that have their own adventures (heavily laced with oddball comedy) in the franchise’s world, both poking fun at it and trying to fit it somewhat into the ongoing events as I write a tale that moderately draws from the planet-changing events from Borderlands 2, but that I still find room for the series’ events and use for the characters.

Being a big fan of the wildly varying types of comedy found in the Borderlands series and having employed almost all of them in my current machinima (which will still be uploading for a few months until it’s done, so consider this a gauging for interest and deciding on which game franchise to make a tribute to next, not an advertisement for a series that’s coming that soon), if I find that the InventorOfTheBizarreProductions crew and I could entertain a lot of people with a Borderlands machinima, I’ll do my upmost best to succesfully provide BL-style comedy.

An important question remains if I go with BL: which game would people want to see a machinima of? The latest one is the obvious choice, but does that outweigh the variety of BL2? Only if few people want to see a BL2 machinima instead of a Pre-Sequel one.

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I’d like it to start out dramatic and dark, then after a minute or two, start getting comedic. In other words, YES.

Sounds like a plan:D

To elaborate, I’m still in the process of deciding if I’m going to make a machinima with BL2, the Pre-Sequel or an another game series entirely. It semi-depends on whether if enough people would want to see such a thing^^ I wish to reach people to entertain them and as big of an ego I have about my scripts, if it’s a fan project of a game you’ve moved on about or never even heard about, you’re not going to stick around to see the brilliant witticisms… and non-fart jokes :smiley:

I’ll put all my tidbits here for this possible future machinima and I’ll refer to the Bordermon fanfic for viewing my efforts at writing a fan story in original flavour, hopefully succeeding.

Welcome to Pandora, describe some stuff here, population 113475… shot fired 113474… shot fired 113473… etc.