Who wants a Hug? (Sorry Mellka)

Had a good game going, Advanced match on The Archive.
Other random player was Reyna and rage quit after they died once. (Typical huge Thrall spawn point)
So I finished the game, just Mellka and me.
But in the end Boss battle Mellka kept getting killed, and I kept reviving her.
Until the very end, it bugged out and there was no way to revive Mellka. I still feel bad. :wink:

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Wait, she can take damage? How does she do that when most of the time she’s hanging back far out of the line of fire? (While my Melka as busy charging in lunging and spiking like fury to get the boss down, I might add.)

…That is normally the case but she was going nuts attacking. :slight_smile:
She was even doing the jump skill and going over its head.