Who wants a Phoebe build guide?

After a recent move I’m waiting to get internet connected, but when it is who would like this? Phoebe is my second best character, I’m well practiced with her and consider myself to be pretty good (Of an above average skill level)
Since there are no Phoebe guides on these here forums I’d like to make her my second detailed guide. Are there any Phoebe players/enthusiasts out there who would be interested? I could add videos as well if anybody wants to see me/Phoebe in action.

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I’d like to see one. I wrote something short here to help somebody out but something more thought out would probably be better.

I am very interested in a Phoebe guide. I just finished mastering Thorn and Orendi, now its time for Phoebe. Be sure to include your gear choices. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the input, I will indeed include gear choices. I made a Thorn guide a few weeks back as a template for future guides but there were already lots of those, Phoebe needs some love IMO.

I’ll get to it once my internet is connected, no way I’m typing it all out on phone lol :open_mouth:

I consider myself a skilled phoebe, but I’m always interested in seeing how other people rock a character I enjoy. Post it up and let’s start that discussion.

Internet should be up next week, sorry I know it’s a long wait but I wanted this post up to see if I could generate interest and give me time to draft how I want this typed out.

Why not! I’m curious to see different takes on Phoebe.

I think our little Phoebe forum community is very small though, but I expect we’ve got silent readers so they could very well come out of the woods for a little guide :slight_smile:

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Any tips on how to actually like… hit people with Phoebe? Her aim is sooo precise which when combined with lag, super skinny characters, people bunny hopping everywhere etc, it becomes a goddamn nightmare. Even with the slow I find it extremely difficult and whiff maybe 1/3 to 2/3 of my stabs.

I tend to just aim center mass and put a lot of focus on attack speed.


Nah but seriously it will come quite naturally overtime. Maybe grab that Blade Sweep mutation during your first games because it’s a bit more forgiving. Then you can transition to something more “powerful” like either Reprise or the defense one ( it’s actually super effective since you become REALLY harder to kill ).

Phoebe hit pattern is actually quite large and a bit permissive, but sure you can’t hit someone that isn’t even on the screen :wink: The hard part is compensating, in your mind, for the sudden dash of True Strike.

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This is as good a tip as could be given. You need to be ready to change direction at a moment’s notice and know where you’ll end up. Sometimes when you’re strafing, say right, if the enemy is following your movements dash left instead to throw them off. It’s all about being unpredictable.

Personally I use Reprise, because another hit with increased damage why not, but the usefulness of constant 30% damage reduction is undeniable. Once you get good enough you wont need it as you’ll never get hit while dancing, except against large targets like Attikus and Montana who are hard to 1v1 against.

Montana stay low and close to his right side his fat ass won’t get you till ultimate then just dont close till you know it’s gone. I actually haven’t ran into enough atticuses to have much counter experience against them.

Attikus’s high health and large attack hitbox make him rather tough for melees in a 1v1. Montana’s Hailstorm causes problems for Phoebe, he can slow and gains damage reduction during that ability.

Montana always shoots off the right so you stay to that side and turn with him he has a hard time keeping a bead on you unless he ultimates.

Hey everyone, good news and bad news!

Bad news first - There’s been a delay with the fibre-optic installation at my new house, I’m looking at another 1-2 weeks :frowning:

Good news - I’ve been playing at a friend’s house to test damage numbers and further optimise my build, thanks to these tests I’ve completed my draft!

This will be a highly detailed and extensive guide, much moreso than my last (and first) one, but sadly the wait time has increased.
Keep calm and love Phoebe!
Thanks everyone for your patience and your interest!

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Thanks for waiting guys, and sorry for the long wait! My guide is up and ready to be read here - The duelist queen - An advanced in-depth guide to Phoebe for PvP