Who wants Bloody Harvest to be a purchasable, permanent DLC?

This “you can only play it on sepcific time of the year” strategy kinda sucks, imo.
Do you think this event will eventually turn into DLC?

Who else wants this?


If it ever be added to the game as dlc not a time content it should be free. It looks like Athenas in different shade with no “new” content.

I agree they should do another Headhunter style pack for each of the Seasonal stuff so we can play them whenever we are running through the game with a new character. I personally don’t much care for timed events although I am looking forward to it nonetheless.

Would much rather pay $5-$15 and have something as mentioned probably more ‘substantial’ than what this free event looks than to have a smaller free event that can only be accessed at this time of year assuming they continue running it for as long as the game exists.

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What with Eden-6 now, I want a new Jakobs Cove tbh, complete with Zombie T.K.


They could bring it back each year?

Not me. It’s not going to be the size of DLC by any means, so why should it be? If it was like Zed’s horror DLC in BL1, then I’d be up for it…


Free yes, after all the season pass content releases

I like the holiday events to be time limited. Its basically a reskin, being free and lasting untill December means there is no reason someone cant play it and it will come back every year with possible different loot. Stop asking for more paid DLC this is one of the last games out there that doesn,t nickle and dime you for bonus content


I do, but I also have zero qualms with microtransactions. Do both! Let us who want year round Harvest buy it, but still make it free seasonally.

actually I want it to be live less time, 1 month is too much for a halloween event

This is a good idea at least we would get the best of both worlds that way.

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And make it playable offline as well… The game has much more performance issues when I play online

@eQuiinox_67 right on with the head hunter packs,they were good fun. Cheers.

if you played previous borderlands series like 1 and 2 that had a halloween horror themed DLC, the bloody harvest event is not truly or would qualify as a DLC. techinically, yes we had to download it and it is content, but gearbox has made it a free bonus that is time gated.

I used to agree with you, but seeing how little content it add, and how annoying those ghost are, I’d say GOOD RIDANCE