Who wants to be power leveled?

Hi I am in need of cool new players who love borderlands 2 and want to regularly play. I would love to help with legendarily and power leveling as well. Please send me a friend invite and or a message so we can make it happen. All is welcome and please provide your gamertag for reference thanks.

Gamertag: singularlime57

I relocated you to the Corresponding online play section, as you’ll be likely to get more replies here.

Best of luck!

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Cool, Thank you! Especially if it helps!

My GamerTag Is
On Xbox one
And would love some help getting to 72
If anyone will help Canadian mountain time
Is my time zone

Me gt shakingwig35848

For all those that want to add me, just send me a friend invite and Ill be glad to accept them. I currently leveled to 64 so I am certain that I can help others out with leveling. Can’t wait to kick some Pandora butt with you guys, and or gals lol.

Gamertaq: singularlime57

Hello (: I would enjoy if you helped me and power leveled me , I would greatly appreciate it !

Gt: Leap Revo

Gt fallenslayerx1 i would not mind some help power lvl ing add me also i am looking for people to farm Hyperious and other raid bosses for seraph crystals as well as vermivourous.

Looking for help on A Dam Fine Rescue. Accidentally used fast travel at the end. My GT is hype matrix

Hi. Making a new character and I was wondering if anyone could help power level me to 72 OP8?


Can I get help on mechro