Who wants to play BLtps XBOXone

Hi all im playing borderlands the presequal… Want people to join me

GT ShoesHaveSouls

Got you moved to the X1 section. Happy looting!

Tried to message you on Xbox but GT not working…I haven’t started my BPS playthrough, so if you’re not too far into it and still need ppl to play with hit me up GT: MenacingMommy

Could use a hand on the final boss, I’ll play through game with you too. GT: ShoesHaveSouls

Oh God sorry, I just seen your comment. My mistake GT:ShoesHaveSouls

shoes, add my GT: JTF2 eversion. I have multiple characters at various levels I can probably help you out

Add me my gamertag is weedpanties im always on the pre sequel!