Who was the really intelligent guy who made galilea?

Yes lets have a ranged melee heavy tank that out DPS the entire roster while simultaneously having a stun, aggro, heal, and silence.

And then you continue to sit there and chip away small fractions of her damage as if that is what the real problem with her really is.

Jesus Christ.

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This is gbx first shot at character balancing and a serious pvp mode. But still…

I love isic and i could see how rotating wards needed a nerf, but 50%? I havent seen a person (besides me) play isic in a week.


I seriously think they need to take away either her heal or her stun, otherwise she’s just too broken.
Regardless, I still see tons of players get wrecked while playing her because they don’t know how to stunlock with her

what up what up :sunglasses:



No but in all honesty, when did you and your team figure out that she might be a bit too strong compared to other characters? Was it after the open beta? And if it would have been possible, would you have rather seen the nerfs coming next week in an earlier stage (lperhaps even in time for release)? I am aware of the patch limitations on PC since you need to wait for approval on the console versions too.

Who was the really intelligent guy who made this thread?

Edit : Jesus Christ. (I felt like it was important to add it)

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the better question is, how did she ever make it out of playtesting? even just on paper, she is so much better than almost any two kits combined. this is an exaggeration, but the fact that it is not far from not being an exaggeration is crazy. didn’t you, as a designer, see that with her shield up, and a player shield, she has just a few hp less than boldur does with his shield up, and more hp than montana does? or do you guys simply assign one or a small group of people to a character, and there is little coordination with the other people making the others. because there is no way you made galilea then made another character and thought she was fine.

you gave a brawler more dps and cc than any assassin or controller character in the game. did you also design the mutations? i mean this as respectfully as possible, but the reactions to your character are destroying the community, or at least very much so polarizing it. it is really ruining my experience. i say that not out of anger at you or anything like that, but rather from a place of genuine heartfelt concern

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I think this just became my favorite thread.

The only thing unbalanced about Gal is the amount of attention she gets on these forums. Then again these guys spend more time writing these elegant threads than playing.


Wait are you the legit character designer or part of the team that did? If so thanks man the game is great :slight_smile: I’m not trying to dish on other designers but I’m sticking with Gearbox for a few more years, haven’t been with a company like this since sega made PSO episode 1&2.


They’ve already nerfed her and she’s a lot better now. I think they’re releasing a balance patch that will also nerf her a bit further. Still, she’s a lot better than she was so I don’t think we need to be salty about her. I do agree that I wonder what on Earth GBX was thinking when they designed her. It’s like someone sat down and said, “Let’s create a character who has ALL THE POWERS!”.

They call you out and then dont respond when you step up lolz

She was nerfed during the open beta and while there were still some claims of her being OP I believe the community as a whole felt like the issue had been fixed.

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I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. Personally I think that every characters is fine. I have taken care of gali so many times that I almost feel bad because people claim she is OP. She was balanced back in the beta now its just pathetic how quickly I find ways to kill a gali.

I love your designs I think they are great the only thing I would remove is just overall health from Gali and a few other characters. I think you did a good job and even though the community is being toxic about nerfing everything, I want you and the rest of the GBX team know that you guys have made my fav game with battleborn and that you guys are fantastic.

A side note for everyone else… STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! its annoying and not everything needs to be nerf. the forums of late are nerf this nerf that complain complain complain. Play the game, gearbox will get to things in time. They have noticed the issues they will work on it. HAVE PATIENCE!!

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I’d like to thank you for bringing so many people under one banner of hate ha ha, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much attention being paid to a single character like this. Love the game, love the characters, think Gali now has a special place in my heart mostly because 80% of forums hate her.

Orblivion I wouldn’t waste my breath, I don’t think the hate will die until they strip her of all her abilities or perks.

awesome. so have i. but here is the thing: none of that matters ANYTHING in regards to character balance. not a single piece of your experience, my experience killing or being killed by a gali matters. there is one thing that matters: cold hard facts in the form of statistical data. galilea currently can tank as much dmg as tanks. this is not an opinion, but a fact. galilea can out dps every assassin in the game. this is not an opinion, this is a fact. galilea has the best cc kit in the game. this is not an opinion, this is fact. galilea has the most utility in the game. this is not an opinion, this is fact.

whether you or i are able to go 35 and 0 against a gali, or get 0 and 35d against a gali means nothing. there are too many variables involved. the only thing that matters is her statistical capabilities

Gali has many counters and there is even a thread dedicated to telling the community about her counters because people keep complaining. Melka is a assassin last time I checked She can out DPS a Gali anyday THAT IS A FACT.

you complain but in all honestly its Gali is not OP she has her annoyances sure but OP nah. The issue that comes with Gali is that often if there is a support on a team the support will move with gali making her more powerful. This being said supports are the true nightmare of this game.

In a 1 v 1 fight there are more characters than not that can beat a gali without much issue.

Care to back up your “fact?” http://puu.sh/oLS6C/6f1b873d9f.jpg Keep in mind, this isnt burst, this is left click. Can mellka even BURST for that much damage with all cooldowns?
She doesnt have “counters”, what people suggest either work against only bad players, or work against any character because they tend to be "gang up on them with lots of CC and nukes"
Supports move with gali because they know shes an OP carry who will cleave through anything.

Its clear you’ve faced too many newbie galileas.