Who were your main characters

I want to know your main characters for each Borderlands and who you think you’ll play in Borderlands 3.

Bl1: Mordecai
Bl2: Maya
Pre Sequel: Nisha
Bl3: Moze

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BL1: all except Brick
BL2: all except Krieg (I did Salvador to OP8, but was kicking and screaming the whole way)
TPS: all
BL3: probably all


BL1: Lilith and Mordecai
BL2: Zer0 and Gaige
TPS: Handsome Jack
BL3: Moze (to start)

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Roland/Lillith, Axton/Maya, Wilhelm, FL4K/Moze

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Borderlands (PS3): Roland the Soldier
Borderlands (PS4): Lilith the Siren
Borderlands 2: Salvador the Gunzerker
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!: Athena the Gladiator

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BL1: had Roland when i first played it. but changed to Mordi. (had also played as Brick and Lil)
BL2: Zer0/Krieg. had other characters to OP8 but they got erased from my ps3 and it sucks.
TPS: Athena
BL3: Fl4k

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BL1: Lilith
BL2: Started with Zer0 but switched to Gaige
Pre-Sequel: Athena

BL3: Undecided. Plan to do a normal mode playthrough with all 4 before I decide which I will main and level to 50 first. My current planned playing order for normal mode is Moze > FL4K > Zane > Amara.

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BL1 Lilith
BL2 Zero then Gaige when she was released
TPS Claptrap
Starting BL3 as Moze

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BL1 - no one stands out really for me, all 4 are equal.
BL2 - Maya for life
BLTPS - Deputy/Roid Jack


TPS: Nisha
BL2: Zer0 and Sal - mastered Zer0 and only used Sal for bosses when I didn’t want to stack
BL 3: Fl4k, Moze, Amara, Zane - in that order I believe!

In the order I played the games in:
BL2: Maya & Krieg
BL1: Lilith & Mordecai
TPS: Timothy, Claptrap & Athena

BL3? I don’t know and will probably let RNGesus decide for me. Dice of destiny (of Borderlands)!

Fun Fact: So far in each game the first character I played never ended up being my main (BL2: Axton, BL1: Brick, TPS: Nisha).

Ha, well, having finished the game with each at least once…

BL1: Mordecai. Loved Bloodwing. Loved the weapon classes his perks were for (which, good riddance to weapon-specific skills in BL3 tbh). Loved the voice actor and his laugh. (I don’t think he liked me~)
BL2: Axton. It would have been Gaige, but in the end Deathtrap spoils the fun maniacal anarchist for me :confused:
TPS: Aurelia. She’s such a one-note character (especially in solo), but that note is cryomancer and it’s one of my favorite archetypes.
BL3: Amara will be my first. I haven’t traditionally been the biggest fan of any of the sirens, but she’s my first pick on aesthetics and attitude.

Starting with FL4K but we’ll see

BL1: Lil/Mordi
BL2: Maya/Axton
TPS: Athena/Jack
BL3: Amara/FL4K (but you never know)

BL1: Roland
BL2: Gaige
BLTPS: Athena
BL3: Fl4K

A glorious man of culture I see.

BL1: Mordecai
BL2: Axton
TPS: Roid Jack

Bl1. Lilith, had a go with Mordecai too but didn’t get too far in level.

BL2. Zero on Xbox 360, Gaige on PS4. I did start with Salvador on PS4 but I couldn’t handle how short he was, it felt really odd being so close to the ground in an FPS.

TPS. Barely played it, but I chose the Handsome Jack clone. I don’t think I got further than level 20 or so before giving up. I’ve tried many times over the years to give it another go but, the slow movement, annoying Oz kit malarkey and massively overblown Aussieness of it always makes me give up really quick. I get it was made by Australians, but did they really have to make it so blatantly known at every juncture?

BL3. I think I’ll be going with Flak, but I might change my mind once the disc goes in. After playing Gaige so long I have worries a pet/minion might actually be more of a hindrance than a help. I definitely won’t be picking the Aussie (had enough bonzer, Sheila, g’day mate etc in my short TPS stint) and I don’t like the look of Amaras skills either so it’ll be a choice of two.

BL1/GOTY: Lilith (have not bothered with anyone else)
BL2: Gaige (was Maya at first; gave Zer0 and Krieg a try as well (his ignite skill tree was hilariously bizarre))
BLTPS: Athena (though do also love Jack; have given a shot to everyone except Claptrap)
BL3: Moze (but definitely giving Fl4k a shot too)

BL1: Mordecai
BL2: Maya is my highest level, but Krieg is my favourite
TPS: Claptrap and Nisha