Who will be spending *more* money?

Will you purchase more content right from GBX right now?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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What time is it?
it s POLL FRENZY time!

I chose" I don t know", not enough information yet

  • how much this content cost?
  • What are the bugs ?
  • Does it provide really new and fun ways of playing?

I will wait and see until it is released and fully tested and commented by knowledgeable players


Definitely depends on the quality and quantity of the season two content, as well as the cost of the seasons pass all together. I purchased blindly for season one and I regret it based on the DLC’s we received, so I’m definitely going to take my time and wait until more information is released before I make my decision on whether or not I spend another dollar on this game.


I’m all in… Whatever content GBX puts out for BL3 I’ll bite.


I said yes* provisionally, but that’s dependent on the price. I’m operating under the assumption that the season pass will be equal or less than the first one. Ideally $40. If it’s more than that I’ll probably wait to see how people are liking the new skill trees.

Also, depends on what the Arms Race mode will be. If it’s a roguelite sorta mode, im all in. If, however, it’s a competitive sorta mode I may pass on that. I know they implied it will be multiplayer, just depends on what kind of multiplayer experience.


Sadly, I had to vote no. PS5 and Demon’s Souls coming in 3 weeks…nuff said.

I responded YES.

Bit weird that there’s a launch date but no price.

Maybe wait for a sale for me, cyberpunk, assassin’s creed valhalla and demon’s souls are on the horizon so I really don’t see any reason to throw my money at borderlands instead of that list of new games.


Generally, “I have no idea”, because disposable is limited, but I like the game as it is, so I can’t see myself intentionally not buying more. It’ll just be a question of when, not if. Maybe not at release, who knows.

Yes, if it appeals to me i’ll buy it. I wouldn’t still be here if the game no longer interested me.

But most likely not on release. I already planned to get cyberpunk the moment it were announced, and no DLC is going to change that.


For me, in it’s current state, I find Borderlands 3 boring. I’m not going to give it any more money unless they somehow make it… not boring. In it’s current state i don’t see that happening. Jumping over to Steam for a moment, I see have played Borderlands 2 for…6,083.2 hours. BL3 just doesn’t have the same appeal.


For me it’s a maybe. I’m certainly willing to, because I’m still playing. If it was traditional DLCs, I would in a heartbeat. But I don’t like multiplayer focused content with no story, and not having any real info on the Arms Race mode other than hints of a multiplayer focus, and that narrative fans might be disappointed, I can’t commit, especially when they have said they aren’t talking about the second part, the Director’s Cut, until later. Right now, I’m not so overly excited by the two new trees they showed yesterday, so unless the trees tomorrow look absolutely amazing to me, I’ll at least be holding off on a decision until next week when they finally reveal Arms Race. If that mode doesn’t look overly appealing, then I’ll probably hold off for now, at least until they start talking about the Director’s Cut. I’ll just finish my latest FL4K run through the DLCs, and finish me and the wife’s play through, and shelve it to focus on Cyberpunk and Valhalla.

Not one more dime of my money until the core game is fixed and final. It’s been a year since launch, they’ve already had a paid season pass, and the core game is still broken. Characters still have skills that don’t work right, difficulty is still a mess, Mayhem sucks, and the weekly buffs and nerfs to weapons and items just shows that the game is still unfinished. And why would I want to give them more money when they haven’t finished fixing the game I’ve already paid for?


Yup. Shut up and take my money. Provided it’s not way overpriced. More borderlands for this guy!


I’m sure I will buy it in time, I gotta get my hands on a new system first. Hopefully by then the issues will be sorted out and I will have a better oversight on the quality of these future contents.


Definitely maybe!

No way I’m good. I can manage other things until November 13th for a game I’ll be playing. A month ago I would’ve caved in to buy the 4th skill tree and the new mode but now I won’t buy it.

My money is well spent for something I’m going to spend hundreds of hours having fun it. GBX will never get me back or buying any games they in


I believe the question was about spending money right now. If by right now what was meant was the current Season 2 Pass, the answer is, “No”. My reason is that I have not heard anything being offered that interests me.

As to whether I will spend money in the future, my answer is, “Perhaps, it all depends on what is being sold and my interest at the time.” For example, should the Director’s Cut end up being something of interest to me, then I might purchase that (though probably not at full price). Also, if I can get the entire Season 2 Pass for a song later on, then it might be worth it to me to do so at that point.

Depends on the price and reception. Not buying blindly and probably not paying more than $30.