Who will die in BL3?

So, BL2 killed off one of the original VHs as well as Bloodwing. As characters build up, I think at least one more VH is going to bite the dust. I am going with Maya…and Lilith or both getting killed off. They currently have redundant sirens and they would probably want another siren class if the game follows the eridian storyline. Also Mordecai is likely gone since he doesn’t have much left to do in the storyline and is again redundant with zer0 who is a more popular character. I would say zer0, axton, gaige are safe. Sal just needs to die because he is a walking game glitch.

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My question is why do you want them to kill off characters? When they killed Blood and Roland, it was for a reason. The reason was to make you hate Jack. You seemingly just want to kill off characters because “Hey, why not?!” It’s not a good reason.


Anyone you shoot- repeatedly…

How do you know he dosnt have much left to do in the story line? Do you know what they are going to write for BL3? He could have a lot to do with it. We don’t know.

Besides, characters don’t need to necessarily be significant to the story to survive.

I don’t agree that any character makes any other redundant due to “similarities” and especially not because one is more popular. That is no reason to kill Lilith or Mordecai. That’s silly.


Pickle. (crosses fingers)

Even if it’s only mentioned in passing via ECHO.


If they HAD to kill a major character I would probably bet on Lilith. I could see her going rogue but I think everyone’s gonna make it. There doesn’t seem like much of a reason to kill anyone else. I just wish people would stop asking for Nisha / Roland / Wilhelm to come back lol definitely not interested


Killing Bloodwing was a waste in BL2. He died so we pass a “death wall” that could have easily been flown over in a Buzzard.

I don’t want to see any other VHs die, losing Roland was bad enough.


If the ending to TPS is to be believed, there’s a war coming- and not everyone makes it thru a war alive. People will die- even such seemingly super badass types like Vault Hunters. You might not think it’s necessary, but don’t be surprised if it happens…

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I have no problem with them dying in a final battle against whatever evil is coming, but Lilith dying because “Hur hur, f*ck her,” or Mordecai dying because “Uh, he’s redundant to Zer0”, or Salvador because “He’s badly programmed” are dumb reasons to kill someone off.

And since you brought up the Lilith thing, I think it’d actually be more realistic for Athena to betray everyone because she was paid to than for Lilith to go rogue. However, I see Athena as someone who puts being a merc above her own morals, and Lilith as someone with a good heart (relative to the rest of Pandora), but is way too emotional and impulsive for her own good. However, I won’t be surprised if I’m the only one to think this.

And somewhat related: Jack had better stay dead. We have three games with him as a major character in some form, and that is enough. Don’t turn him into the Borderlands version of Dalaks that always come back just because.

Or even worse- the comic book hero/villain everyone sees ‘die’ but that always returns (here’s to you ‘Death of Superman’)…

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Amen to that. He was a great villain, but it’s time for something new.


Goodness, I hope so. I would rather listen to Claptrap tell me I have a new mission on such & such bounty board every time I loaded a level then listen to Pickle or have his sentimental sob-story heaped on me through echos again.

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Well, GBX likes the games to be somewhat dark. In addition to Roland and Bloodwing, we also see Jack killed. In terms of TPS vault hunters, Nisha is dead, Wilhelm is dead, and claptrap is also dead. In addition to the VHs I mentioned earlier, Athena is going to be killed (along with Springs IMO)

No he’s not. He is the same Claptrap from Fyrestone, the same Claptrap that was INAC, and the same Claptrap in Sanctuary that Hammerlock repaired.

Huh? My title is referring to how people think Axton is a bad PC because he doesn’t have a readily obvious build that can break the game in two.

And I don’t mind them dying if it’s for a good reason (like how in ME1 on Virmire you have to pick between saving Ashley or Kaidan, but not both). But the OP wanting Sal to die because he was badly programmed is not a good reason.

Yep, and I changed the situation because I think it fits better.

One word: Swordsplosion.


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