Who Will you be Playing Battleborn With?

There’s alot of discussion here about who your favorite Battleborn is, or which 5 Battleborn will make the best team comps, but this is a cooperative game, and there’s a lack of discussion on who you will be playing with (and against).

Who do you hope to bring with you to the Solus system? Old friends, new acquaintances, Borderlands veterans, first-timers, children, parents.

My #1 co-op partner for this game is my girlfriend of almost 5 years. We met playing Halo together, we both enjoyed BL2, and BB’s couch co-op means we’ll get to experience this game together in its entirety (thanks again GBX for keep couch co-op alive).

My next two companions are my good friends from back home. At the beginning of 2015, I left my home of 24 years to move 1000 miles across the country. I left alot of family and friends behind, including my two best friends from college. We all got BL2 at midnight and played it straight on through for almost 20 hours. Skipped classes, skipped work, and it was totally worth it.

To round out my ideal 5-man team, I’ll welcome my new friend from my new home. We started playing Destiny together a few weeks ago and it’s been a blast. He’s got a natural talent for leading under pressure and I’d like to play beside him in Battleborn. First I have to convince him to buy the game though…

TL;DR - My five man team consists of myself, my girlfriend, 2 old friends, and 1 new.

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Tbh, when I first read the title of this thread, I thought it was a recruitment thread like this; then I read the post itself.

The answer for me is some co-workers (if I can convince them to play the same times I do) and whoever else on my PSN list I can convince to buy the game. Granted most of those peeps are still on PS3 … soooooo … here’s to hoping some of the people from that link above add me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My wife and a friend of ours. I may invite some of my Steam friends depending on who gets it, but right now I’m only looking at a 3 man team.

It all depends on when I get to play the game. If it’s in the CTT then I guess it depends on who else gets in. I have quite a few people from the community here I am hoping to play with. If it’s after the game has been released then it will probably include the same people and perhaps a few more. I guess it all depends really.

3-man teams are just as good. I’m also looking forward to a few nights when it’s just me and my buddy Noodles watching each other’s backs.

For me. Me, my cousin, and a few of our shared friends.

I have played all the Borderlands and Firefall plus some Warframe with the same two old guys like myself ( all in our Late 50’s ) for years now . That will be the start of our team be looking for new Older players to help lol. Looking forward to it.

I just realized that I completely ruined my chance of posting with, “Your mom.” I had the opportunity and missed it.


im 5 and this is funny

Oh damn. Sorry to hear. The game is USK 16+ :confused:

woo! I made the cut.

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Hate being single
That being said my team will most likely include my uncle and some of my coworkers

Me and my beloved boyfriend will rise into battle at Solus^^
We came togeher about 4 years ago and already played BL1 together in 2009, raiding as couple eversince :heart: We played all Borderlands games together and we had a awesome time playing all HALO games in Coop as well and so I really looking forward to play Battleborn as team.

Also we two try to get our BFF in the boat and maybe I find some other crazy people round here who can put up with a sloppy casual gamer like me :slight_smile:

My biggest hope is that my dear Dad will be recovering from surgery until then so we can play BB together as well - he loved Borderlands alot and it was always fun to play Diablo and BL with him^^

A couple that slays together stays together (but if she ninjas my loot, that’s break-up material).


XD Indeed! Its surely strange how killing virtual enemies can bond ones hearts together^^ (I hate it when he picks a weapon away in REACH or general HALO, thats break-up material for me lol)

I hope Battleborn will be playable as duo, but I´m optimistic.

I have a group of friends I play League of Legends with. They all enjoyed Borderlands so they are keeping an eye on Battleborn (but not following it closely like I am). Hopefully I will be able to get them to jump-in so we can pewpew together.

Confirmed, Battleborn will have local co-op on PS4 and XB1, and you can take your couch co-op partner into matchmaking, and you can do private lobbies for 2-man teams.

I met over half my Steam friends playing Borderlands 2, hopefully I can get some of them on board for Battleborn, particularly the smaller groups I used to raid OP8 with on a regular basis. Some of us used to hang out all the time and chat nearly non-stop but hardly play together any more. Also any friends from other games and any decent people I meet that play at a similar time.

I’ll also be solo’ing the campaign on the hardest mode, playing with any randoms in co-op and doing whatever matchmaking / solo queue is included for pvp, hopefully there’s a good ranking system and lots of competition!

I will play with whoever i get matched with.

Which platform will you guys be playing it on?

Looking for some folk myself. Campaign might be done solo.