Who would beat every other Battleborn in an arm wrestle?

Montana definitely has the sheer muscle mass to beat most everybody, but Attikus has an ultra-powerful robot arm that can one-shot squishies.

Orendi has four arms, Ernest is pretty muscular, and El Dragón has GIANT ROBOT ARMS.

And who could possibly work up the gumption to try and wrestle Mellka’s scary bio-claw thing?

…and ISIC would probably just rip your arm off instead.




Damn! Ninjad by @nbrownlie237


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EL DRAGOOOOOOO… shoot I missed my chance… :cry:


Orendi might win just because have you ever felt an eye ball tickling your palm before? It’s creepy and its impossible to get your palm to stop itching once it starts. You probably just tried it. Youre welcome.


El Dragon. Wrestling. Giant Robot Arms. I think this question answers itself.

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Nova, with the ships docking arm.


El dragon against attikus is what is a decider, also how strong is aurox

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We all know who would be the winner. Beatrix. NO ONE is touching that creepy thing

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Montana, no contest. Even El Dragon thinks he doesn’t need a gun to fight.

Tree trunk arms ftw.

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El Dragon Vs Attikus and ISIC! (Notat the same time)

I think since Orendi has creepy claw hands she can try with Melka.

No, Ernest has mostly flabby arms; that’s why his “hot wings” taunt is pretty funny.

“Uh… Look out. Look out.”

Actually, Ambra is the undisputed Battleborn arm-wrestling champ. This is how it went down at the last competition:

Hunched over the table, the muscles in his back straining, El Dragon struggled to pin Ambra’s pale twig. Without any effort, she twisted his robot arm aside. “Quite possible, I’m afraid.”

Attikus set his massive elbow down and, with exaggerated care, clutched Ambra’s tiny fist. She smirked and forced his arm straight through the tabletop. “Do clean up that mess before you slink away, Thrall.”

Another table was brought out, and Montana squeezed into the challenger’s chair. He secured his grip, tensed himself for a push–and shrieked as he pulled his hand away. Ambra blew smoke from her fingertips. “A little too hot to handle?”

Finally, Mellka dropped lazily into the chair, flexed her bio-claw, and nodded. Ambra nodded back. Their fingers locked. Their eyes met. How had Mellka never before noticed the soft, enticing shape of the Silent Sister’s lips–


“You are so predictable. Also, I’m pulling the plug right here.”


I was considering having an unlikely candidate but figured Caldarius would be the most amusing. I was wrong

Miko for the win, no one wants to touch his spore arms


Yes, please…


Goddamn it, Eden!

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Don’t blame me - blame the Concerned Parents of Solus Inc. They’ve got a deadly orbital weapon primed and pointed at my keyboard, just waiting for me to write a sentence like "Mellka’s lashes fluttered as Ambra kissed a tingling trail toward her [SIGNAL LOST]


-throws phone across room- DAMN this thing!

Oh well; back to regular, non-Battleborn related smut…

El Dragon would win without a doubt!