Who would play Tina in a Movie?

No there’s no movie announcement.

Just a thing I do. I often form an idea for a movie about a game that I’m playing and my mind instantly assigns current actors to fill the roles.

It’s crazy … I know… but it kinda just happens whether I want it to or not.

Stuck on a actress that would make a good Tina.

Here’s what I’v got so far…

Lililth…Stephanie Beatriz

Tannis… Zooey Deschanel

Brick… Dwayne Johnson

Mordecai… Jim Carey

Maybe Sarah Hyland for TIna?

Just curious if anyone can think of a good actress that could pull off Tina in a film.

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Lilith? Ô_o

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Yeah… with a red wig.

Her voice is spot on. I can see it.

the human who she was losely based on, who also voiced her in bl2?

seems like a no brainer

as long as she is on board and its not some weird VA strike season or something again



I hadn’t heard of her before now.

No Brainer, I agree.

What’s funny is the voice she uses on screen is NOTHING like her real voice , her real voice is very high pitched and soft.

She says people get upset when they meet her IRL because she is so much different than her character.

Rewatching Fast and Furious movies recently.
Total respect!

for Tina… Chloe Grace Moretz aka hit-girl. ??
for Lilith… Allison Scagliotti

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Chloe definitely has the right face for the part.

Margot Robbie

Aka Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Could be a possible for Tina imo.

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Perfect for Tina’s Bunny… Give em the part already.

Errm… Ashly Burch. :slight_smile: /thread

I had no idea.

Miley Cyrus…crazy broad for a crazy broad :smirk:

Crazy I agree.

I just don’t really know if she could pull off imitating the real (fictional) Tina.

Her speaking voice is so far removed from Tina’s.

Mega-heart the Ashley Burch idea and I’m sure they’ve considered it, how could you not?
Cate Blanchette is an interesting Lilith choice
I don’t see how they’d have a lot of money left over for any other big names though
But as long as we’re make-believing;
Ryan Reynolds as Axton
Idris Elba as Roland
Brianna Hildebrand as Maya ( she just kinda looks like her, no idea about her voice )
Seth Green as Scooter
Dean Norris as Salvador
Andy Serkis as Zer0
Chloe Moretz as Gaige
Jay Beruchel as Mordecai
Rebel Wilson as Ellie ( I know, I know)
Dwayne Johnson as Brick because I don’t know if anyone else fits the bill, except an unknown
Dave Franco as Handsome Jack
Salma Hayek as Miss Moxie
I’m sure I am forgetting a few but yeah, I’d shell out $16 for that, even if I have to wear a respirator

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Jim Carrey for Mordecai? I’m not too sure about that. I think there’s someone better.

Nailed. It.
…nailed it!


I know I am dating myself but Lori Petty. While she is to old (I only mean in terms of character role) to play a young or current Tina she would be perfect for an adult Tina if they do a Cut back/forward segment.
Why do I say Lori Petty? She played as the lead in Tank Girl which is exactly how I would see an older Tina or even Tina’s mother.

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Brick - Dave Bautista
Mordecai - Jim Breuer
Roland - Dwayne Johnson

Would be my picks since Lilith is done.

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