Who would survive the longest

In an event that all the battleborn are in the event of survival against the varelsi (but no darkening) who do you think would survive the longest. I think whiskey, and shayne and aurox will because they are survivors and play it smart (I was gonna say caldarius but then I remembered his suit needs to charge)

Boldur all day
till the end of days


Exactly, no one can kill Boldur! I love playing PvE with him…

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Let’s remember this is lore wise (and boldur is getting nerfs)

He’s survived the vacuum of space for 6 hours.
No living being should be able to do that.
“Nothing can kill Boldur! HAHAHAH!”

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Kleese, he can fly off in his ship.

That’s more willpower than anything

Lore wise he literally can’t die lol

Kleese could kinda just set up a network and never die. Boldur could just stand still and wouldn’t die


Kleese would die to numbers, by the way teamups work in this too and kleese would survive by allies

When is it said boldur would never die the varelsi will attack him

@Vicks_Toire remember boldor is not human and he survived space for 6 hours any longer he most likely would have died likely would have to

Miko, because i’m pretty sure that some bit of lore i read stated that the planet he came from (which was actually just a giant collective of… whatever Miko is made of) spewed millions or billions of spores in all directions (kind of like with Krypton, or something), and each one is kind of a Miko-in-waiting. Or did i misinterpret the lore?

EDIT: Ah… WITHOUT darkening… Still Miko, because he is a hive mind, so every new Miko would theoretically be exactly like the previous model up to the point of death. To hell with sustainment; that’s REAL immortality!

The still have a similar physiology to humans
They breathe and bleed.
A normal human would last all of about 10-15 seconds and 6 hours is the time he spent out in space, not his potential limit thats not specified or inferred.
The only character that would have greater survivability would be Aurox alone. Being the creature that it is if it weren’t bonded it would be seemingly unstoppable.

My money is still on Boldur

Ah, but the question wasn’t who would last longest in space, it was who would survive; so if every spore that was released DID share Miko’s hive mind, then you’d have to find and destroy them all, which is a near-impossible task. It’s all in good fun to superimpose Boldur’s in-game tankiness into a true alamo survival situation, but it’s simply not true. If Boldur was unkillable, the Battleborn wouldn’t exist, and Boldur would just handle everything as the unkillable equivalent of One-Punch Man.

They never said he could kill everything, just that he can’t die. This is proven between his lore and the Experiment. And Miko has lore about how only he is left. He would’ve made more of himself if he could, but he clearly can’t, most obviously in how Fungus Among us dies eventually.

That’s what i neant by “unkillable equivalent of One-Punch Man”; Invulnerability in place of supreme power. My bad for not wording that better, guys.

Are you sure about the Miko Lore? I could have SWORN i read that Miko was created by whatever hive-mind planet he is a part of to help the Battleborn, and that said planet shot out billions of spores in all directions as a survival tactic before it was darkened. Either way, i agree that the winner WOULD be Eldrid, as not dying is thier specialty. However, i will leave you to think on this: If other Battleborn can kill Boldur, so can the Varelsi; so he ISN’T invulnerable.

No thats not correct. Not only that his spore-bombs are actual spores lorewise, his daggers hold spores as well. (redtext on a legendary)
Technically, whereever Miko throws a Dagger or bomb new Mikolopria-mushroom will grow eventually in time. Thats why there are tiny shrooms shown on his lore-picture too

As I understood the “Fungus Among Us”-lore is a speech for the new growing Miko-shrooms, telling them of their homeworld, the big unity Mikolopria.

Yes, Mikolopria released many spores, along with some humanoid fungi as Miko is one. These humanoid forms were created as diplomats/contactpersons for inter-specias communication. They can also spread new spores.

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Thanks, @Ganjamira, you always were the Handsome-est Moderator; i mean, not as handsome as ME… but right there. I didn’t even need a Futurama reference either. Also, i was thinking of planet Codex from the Codex Fragment legendary (i looked it up).

Either way, since this Varelsi survival discussion has turned to space survival, i’m changing my choice to any of the robotic characters, but namely ISIC. Why? Machines don’t need to worry about biological life-supporting functions.

-drops mic and walks off… then returns, checks the mic for damage, sticks it in a pocket, and walks off again with an embarrassed wave; because that mic cost $40, and i’m not just going to throw it away-

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you watch “Community” too? :smile:

Codex must have been an extraordinary lifeform :heart: At all, Codex and Mikolopria share many features.

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Nope, i have no idea what “Community” is, aside from the definition, but THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME!! I say something i THINK is original, get a laugh, then the laugher saying “i love that show!” I could list several examples of this, but i’ll limit myself to the first one i remember off-hand:

I was in high school (but a “behavior disorder”, AKA nut school, let’s just clear that up; i’m “technically” insane), and for some reason, the teacher wanted to do “dance dance revolution” or some other dance game, and i refused to participate. The teacher said: “You’ll get a zero for today then, Cam”, to which i replied “Zero is better than nothing!” Haha, right? Then one of the other kids walks up and says: “you stole that from ____” (i don’t remember what show he said).

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