Who would want Borderlands 3 on Nintendo Switch?

Honestly, I would be happy with The Handsome Collection too. In spite of being a bit buggy, Borderlands 2 on Vita was amazingly fun to play on the go. The extra power of the Switch would guarantee a better experience than on Switch.

Borderlands 3 utilizes Unreal 4, which Switch fully supports. I would love to see Panic Button or any other skilled dev bring BL3 over to Nintendo’s portable.

And with the new battery life-extending models, we could opt into boost mode for an even more appealing visual experience on the handheld.

Hopefully, I am not the only one who would love this.


They dont deserve suck a fantastic game on their system, pulls no voice chat. How you gonna call someone a jerk when they failure to pick you up?

You know that there are a lot of games with integrated voice chat on Switch right?

Nintendo offers an odd solution via the Switch OS, but most developers simply integrate their own voice chat feature directly in their games, and it works beautifully. Epic Games have made their in game chat functionality available to all Switch developers who want a solution without having to create one from scratch.

So if voice chat is the only reason you think Nintendo Doesn’t deserve Borderlands, I am glad to tell you that is not an issue in more ways than one!

It would be nice but it even if a team like panic button works on it, I imagine it will take some downgrading. Though I’ll see how the ps4/Xbox version runs before judging too much.
I’m all in for releasing the other BL games on switch though, especially if they add gyro aiming.

Yeah I wonder. borderlands 2 and pre-sequel run flawlessly on the nvidia shield which has the same SoC, but 2GB less RAM.

Borderlands 3, though greatly improved, has only really jumped from a heavily customized UE3 to the base version of UE4. Which has great Switch support.

I suspect to keep the framerate steady, they would need to make very similar compromises to what Panic Button did with Warframe…and that game looks stunning on Switch.

I would be pretty happy with Handsome collection too though.

I hate to break it to you but I have a switch and little to no games that support voice chat on other platforms support it on the switch the only gsme that does is fornite and any other game you have to use a clicky Nintendo voice app for it. So no it still is an issue

I think it could run after all the switch can run doom and ark.

Voice chat isn’t a requirement for playing a shooter game or even playing games online. To me possible benefits from it cant counterbalance the annoyance caused by other people talking when its not wanted or needed on games I play that have the feature.

The portability of it should it be released on switch however would probably draw in quite a few people. More so now that the system is getting a better battery allowing longer playtime without a power adapter connected.

I’d buy a Switch for it.

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I bought a vita for Borderlands 2.

I would rather see a port of the Handsome collection to Switch than Borderlands 3.

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This game struggles to run on hardware that is 5 times more powerful than the Switch, I think the Switch would explode just from trying to load the menu for the first time.

The Handsome Jack Collection on Switch would definitely be awesome though. I actually kind of expected it to happen and am surprised it never did.

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Welp, talk about timing:

I dunno if Bl3 would run well on the Switch, tbh. I mean, that console is somewhat infamous for not being particularily powerful and Bl3 sometimes struggles on modern gaming PCs.
I don’t doubt that the previous Borderlands games will run well on the Switch but, well… Borderlands 2 is 7 years old and the Pre-Sequel basically uses the same infrastructure as Borderlands 2.
Like, if they get Borderlands 3 to work somehow without turning the processing units on the Switch into toast in the process, more power to you switch players, but I think we might have to wait for the next Nintendo console generation for that to happen, which will hopefully fall a bit more in line with the competition in terms of specs.