Who would win in a one on one

Toby, THE DESTROYER or D. Va from Overwatch? I’d say Toby. Lulz. Your thoughts?

Since your name is Battleborn_Toby with Toby the Destroyer next to it, im gonna go ahead and assume your a toby fan boy so im not sure any rational argument for D.va would change your mind… Also i have no idea but ill vote for D.Va for that sleek body suit

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Lol, you must be Sherlock Holmes! I would asume Toby would win because he’ll Make D. Va. Surrender with his cuteness, :smiley:

The funny thing, have you ever seen “Master of Toby” title, its hilarious because he doesn’t look adorable, but anoyed that you got his title. It made me laugh so hard.

Havn’t played OW so i cant make judgement but im not sure a cute 20 year old girl could shoot a little penguin in the face…so i guess he would win

Lol. See what I mean?! xD

D.va obviously

The answer is neither, Mellka would win obviously.

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Since I think a female Korean pro-gamer girl who was given a mech to fight in the army is a completely unbelievable thing only there to titillate male nerd gamers, I find Tobby the trash-talking alien penguin more easy to accept and thus, I give him the win. \o/

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