Who would you recommend: Moze or Amara?

I’m having a hard time deciding between the two. Who would you recommend, and why?

I think you asked this for atleast 3rd time.Mister Torgue would answer : Yes!

Just out of curiosity, what is the “Siren” text on the bottom left replaced with a number?

Beats me , happens with grenades and ammo aswell

So you recommend Amara then? haha - I’m really conflicted and trying to get as much insight as possible

Yes she is Ms.I can do everything

She does look like a lot fun haha. What build do you run with her?

Skills wise , nothing special. A regular Phaselock+Ties That Bind build and switch weapons according to mayhem modifiers.The builds needs Phasezerker classmod and nothing special after.You dont need to exploit stacks as the character is powerful on its own.
For boss farming I switch a few things to make the single target more powerful and ditch the mob clear skills

Would the Brawl or Mythical skill tree compliment it more? And what do you change for boss farming?

Depends if you want ultra clear speed - That would require a Face Puncher.
For normal boss runs , anything thats decent really.Crossroads,Lyudas

Also yes you can brawl mystical skill tree for sure. :slight_smile:
I prefer Fists+Mystical atleast for mobbing.

Amara is far more versatile. She can melee, she has access to hard crowd control, she has action skills that can kill. FL4K is the only other character who looks half as interesting as her. Moze might be strong, but exciting she is not.

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Gotcha - I was thinking of using a combination of FotE and Brawl

See and that’s the thing about Moze - she’s strong as hell with her builds but they don’t seem very exciting. With Amara, I think my concern was that she looks fun, but I didn’t know how she would fair against powerful bosses.

Basically what Slif said I support 100% , Amara can play everything in the game.From Melee to Sniping.She really does not care :slight_smile:


Is this in your unbiased opinion?

Or your normally Siren biased opinion?


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Do you disagree with them? Who would you recommend?

A grenade throw build for PS4 and Xbox. :rofl:

Amara is objectively more proficient than Moze at bossing.

Dis iz FAX!

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As long as she’s being discussed…how is she for those who love Sirens but don’t really care for melee?

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Well apart from that troll small clip that shows anything , she is doing great.Should record something while I have the free time now.But she can clear anything without a single point in Brawl Tree