Who wrote the BL3 main campaign?

Fire them.

While there was some good parts, the overall story is the very definition of wasted potential, no mention of the rest of the VHs (appearances in futures expansions?) at all, new main villains are just Handsome Jack 2.0 in the sense that there was no build up whatsoever as how they became so powerful and a threat, BL2 Fight for Sanctuary made a MUCH better build up for Hector or even Zarpedon in TPS (btw, no mention of the sentient Eridian creature from that game, did the writers forgot that game existed?) and the death of important npcs felt so random.

Listen, no one is asking for Oscar winning material, but how hard is it to make a engaging story for a effin shooter looter game, it’s not rocket science!


I agree. they left out so many char. the story that was set up for bl3 in the presequal was total inored as if it never happen. infact I cant find how it connect at all none of the event set up in the presequal work or are use for bl3 and if yousaying it a prequal. incase you not play the game the presequal actual take place after bl2 where they capture Athena and she telling the story of how jack came into power. and the end of the game set up a " war is coming youll need all the vult hunter you can get" warning from one of the eridian aliens. and one of the dlc has the vult hunter jumping into eco talking about finding other and bring them to pandora for the war b ut all that is inored. bl2 char are missing there no doctor at all zed gone. and what about elpis. the moon the presequal show it had server city and settlement on it but nop all that inored or bl3 was like forget them them for that ending . the time lines don’t add up at all. and hosntly how did the twins come into power with no one noticing. your saying all the char form bl2 never notice a cuilt taking over the plant or the other worlds and didn’t know of them to around the event of this game. and the game bl3 take place like what 5 year after bl2? and the last dlc. so in 5 year no one saw what was happening . Lilith just stay on the plaent chilling everyone left her at the commander dlc. and the twin thing didn’t add up or the vuilt that typhoan or what ever his name is the 1st vuilt hunter. is a live and there father and he ih what is 50 maybe he seem young in the game. so if he the 1st vuilt hunter then they not been know about for real long but there been leagon of them for generation and all the games made it seem like they been know to exsist for maybe 100 year or more well maybe , but they bl3 make time lines would make it seem like there a new new thing in the last 20 year maybe have only been know to exist. and why would pandora have so many vuilts. it feel like a meeme . like hay I hurd you like vuilts so I cover your one big vuilt in dozen of other vuilts. why why would you do that. . I know it a game and it borderland but up to bl3 it all made sence and add up even if it was for fun but now it just dosent work. nothing adds up. and other question was the credits a time up it look like ava was gowing up looking still during the credits. if that so how dose the dlc work will it take place after the time jump. during why have that at all. I kinda wish the to be conutned in 4 joke was real. it would given them the time to expand the story fill in a lot of blanks and make up for a lot. and also the siren home world was way to small. it was like the size of one of the holyday dlc from bl2. it feel like it was a wast of protental. and we never got answer to why there can only be 6 siren at one time. and so mmany more new quistions why was the B team only a camo in the game


I really liked it, tbh. There were some issues I had, like Maya’s death felt too early for me to care, almost like she was brought in just to die. The lack of cameos for other characters didn’t feel that bad. If they kept bringing in characters from the past, it would feel too clustered. Nothing from the sapient eridian did feel a tad weird, but I’m not bothered.
The only other big complaint I have is how insignificant the Destroyer felt. Like, the planet is collapsing from the opening of this vault and that is the star devourer? Also, the fusion didn’t make sense considering she didn’t fuse with anything else she ate.

But otherwise, I felt the story was well written and well paced. I enjoyed it and look forward to enjoying how the DLC expand on this.

EDIT: just a note on your “it’s not rocket science,” I am a rocket scientist and I can confirm that compelling story writing is much more difficult considering you’re trying to appeal to a large number of people. One person may think killing someone off it bad writing while another thinks that if you don’t kill people off, you lose the stakes and that’s bad writing.


I kinda feel the destroyer fuson feel like a residentevil rip off like mainly from re4 the exact same thing happen to a bad guy 3/4th sotry mark and the fuson was the exact same thing even the look was real simuler


I agree, but for different reasons I think. I’d say fire them because of the fact that they took all of what made Borderlands great and ruined it. They turned Borderlands into a cheesy, corny, saturday morning cartoon with awful writing, horrific dialogue, and desperate attempts to be funny. Some of the cut-scenes with the Calypso twins are so corny that I feel like I am watching a vulgar Nickelodeon cartoon. Gone is the clever, witty, detached, dry humor of the first two games.

I think a lot of the problem is that Borderlands started to take its characters and its world/lore too seriously. The first two games were much more tongue-in-cheek and everything was just sarcastic and played up for humor (which was actually written to be funny), whereas this game tries reeeeallly hard (and fails) to tell a “cool” story and then also forces a metric ton of lame, super obvious jokes into the mix. Maybe the more competent writers of the first two games could have pulled this off better, but it feels like the people who wrote this game don’t understand what made the original two really tick, and the atmosphere is completely different.

I can go back and replay the campaigns of the first two games endlessly, whereas I have almost zero interest in replaying this campaign a second time. I don’t want to sit through the hoard of unfunny jokes and the embarassingly bad, non-skippable cutscenes. It’s a damn shame that the guy who wrote the first game was not able to write the third game’s story (he was supposed to originally but had to step away), because the gameplay is still great. If you could have paired the writing of one of the first two games with this game play, the game could have been a masterpiece.


And it just came to my mind, did they ever explain where were Rhys & Fiona gone at the end of Tales, and how at least Rhys came back?

There is still a lot of unanswered questions from TftB and TPS and yet they decided to completely ignore potential good storytelling and just decided to add more shenanigans that, let’s be honest here, will probably be ignored in the next game.

Damn shame.


hop I think the closest thing to Fiona and I could be total wrong was 2 line in bl3 where rhys say where " did she go" ( not saying who she was at all so no idia if it was her ) zero say something like you cant not find some one who dosent want to be found it not your fult. that it. no loderbot and the two girls from tails do not apaair or even mechin at all other then that one line and like I sed they never say who they only sya the word she. soo it could be anyone but I think it was her


Going to disagree. But I will give you that the Calypso’s are Handsome Jack 2.0, they are childish, entitled, arrogant, and omni-present.

However, once you get to Nekrotafeyo, you learn that this whole mess is the result of a good intentioned father not knowing how to handle a difficult situation and doing what he honestly thought was best, making it something of a tragedy. While Jack wanted to rule the galaxy, Tyreen was ready to destroy it.

Yeah, it’s not an unbelievably good story. But I honestly think it’s better than BL2. Handsome Jack carries that story, no doubt, and he will probably remain one of the best villains of all time. But aside from him, BL2 is pretty bare bones in terms of what happens plot wise.


The BL3 story was perfectly fine, and I find it very engaging. The deaths of someone like Lilith was not at all random, it was something you probably should’ve seen coming.

Maya’s death, while fine in theory, did happen too early imo. The story is infinitely better than the Presequel’s, and I didn’t see anyone complaining that much about that, even though it was very sub-par. Don’t try to tell me 1’s story was better either, because it barely even has one.

Troy and Tyreen are not “Handsome Jack 2.0” literally the only thing they have in common is they mock you constantly. That’s. It. They don’t measure up to him, but in their own right, they’re perfectly fine, effective, and entertaining villains. There was no build up to how Handsome Jack became powerful in 2 either, he just was in the beginning of the game. Did you forget about that? Because the games pretty much start the same.


Yeah, Handsome Jack is what made that story appear better than it was. Everything else just seemed better because of him. Besides him, the writing is about the same.

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I whole-heartedly disagree, this game feels almost exactly like Borderlands 2 with tone and style. The joke writing and humor is not any worse. It was never particularly subtle to begin with. It’s always been absurd, clever, and outlandish. I dont’ know if you just have nostalgia glasses on or what, but 2 isn’t much better than 3 in terms of writing OTHER than Handsome Jack.

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I think it’s just a case of having to do so much in little time as well as the story moving to a larger and grander scale.

Gameplay hours wise it is similar to BL2, but they have 2 generations of Vault Hunters now, plus all the extra characters on the side e.g. Fiona etc. - not to mention new ones introduced! I haven’t been able to get to know Ava much such is the pace the story had to go.

In BL2, the then current crop of VH only had to form connections with Lilith, Mord and Brick and there were a number of sequences where we got to get to know them. e.g. Brick at Sawtooth Cauldron and then later at the Bunker.

I agree with a lot you are saying. You are forgetting something though…

In BL1 there is a mission where you need go around burning scripture for a new religion that is whipping bandits into a frenzy. After burning the books, you fight the creature they worship. The text then implies the bandits will reform the religion around some new god, foreshadowing the COV. Flimsy, yet present.


I agree, lots of wasted potential. One thing that really bugged me was the lack of character interaction/focus. A lot of the characters appear briefly for a chapter or so and then peace out, apparently preferring to chill out than getting involved in the main storyline. Like… Mordecai, Brick and Tina really felt as if they should have had a bigger role, especially considering Borderlands 2 and how they seemed close to Lilith.

Maya’s death is very sudden (and kind of stupid) and you don’t have enough time to get to know her as a character to make it feel impactful. Like people have said, Bloodwing and Roland’s deaths in the previous game were way more emotional. It also seemed to have a bigger impact on the other characters. All the vault hunters were hit by the deaths in Borderlands 2, and Tina even had a dlc about her dealing with it. Here, there’s just a few lines of dialogue and then they say it’s a war and carry on. Zer0 doesn’t seem torn up, Axton, Salvador, Gaige and Krieg are all absent, and it’s just kinda… a waste.

Rhys doesn’t do anything once Katagawa’s dealt with, and there’s only throwaway lines referencing tftbl rather than any explanation about what happened.

The Calypso twins are pretty boring. They could have done some interesting stuff, maybe with Troy realising he can take powers from other Sirens and deciding he doesn’t need his sister anymore, and then their conflict. You could have the whole ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and briefly team up with Tireen as a necessary evil to defeat Troy before she inevitably backstabs you. Or, you could have them having a more emotional bond with one another, so when Troy dies she seems more upset and her fight with the vault hunters feels more vengeful and motivated because you killed her brother (rather than not seeming to care at all).

Honestly the gameplay is solid, but the writing in this game could do with a lot of work… I’m really hoping they get some new writers onboard for dlc, or a sequel.


Poorly Written Tales From The Borderlands

I’ve come to believe that Gearbox has a strict “Fire not hire!” policy.

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I completely agree, they should’ve gotten Anthony Burch to write this story as well. (He wrote Borderlands 2 and pre sequel). I don’t know why they didn’t, because having a villain that you love is so important to the overall story and Handsome Jack is one of the best villains ever in my opinion. I’m sure if Burch continued the story the way he wanted it would’ve been much more immersive and enjoyable. The gameplay is amazing I just wish the story could match it, it had so much potential…


I loved the general atmosphere and the different planets, the soundtrack etc. I appreciated most of the in-game dialogues and the pace in general.

My main problem is that the game revolves too much around “You think that you’re winning … but no”, which I expected from a Borderland game but was still annoying. Doing a mission for an hour knowing that everything you’ve done will be rendered useless by a “plot twist” in a cutscene was demotivating. Especially since the vilains can … teleport to anywhere lol

And ofc some characters have been mishandled.

  • Maya death has already been mentioned many times and rightfully so I think.

  • I like the appearance of Typhon but the whole story line with his children could’ve been more fleshed out. We don’t really understand why they turned out to be like that. The whole idea of the planet being his paradise but their nightmare was interesting and should have been developed more . His death was unnecessary to me.

  • I don’t feel like Ava added anything to the story

  • The rivalry between the twins has almost no consequence on the story

I don’t really like the 4 new VH either. Gameplay wise Amara is by far my favorite but her personality is kinda lacking, I really hope that we discover more about her past, if she ever felt emotional weakness … or anything really.


Also keep in mind that bl3 is more “woke” That had a clear effect to some point in what some thing can be said and not others .A lot of what made bl2 funny was toned down.Ya theres some of the same type of jokes but clearly executed poorly.

The twins wile i get what they where going with i think they just didnt go about it right.
Wile underlining the cult like following youtubers and streamers have.

It will be really hard for them to make some one better thin jack.
They could have added more to there history and really made something good out of it but they just come off as edgelord brats that didnt get there way.

maya death was lackluster .fights in cutscenes where very badly done aka siren fights.
The story felt rushed imo and more like a dlc story thin a main game i have my idea on why that is.

I still had fun with the gameplay .Ill wait and see if the dlc’s dont make it any better but if there more of the same agenda thats slowly seeping in to bl ill probly skip on buying bl4 when it comes out.

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Not gonna lie I expected ALOT more Vaults after seeing the ending in the other BL game showing hundreds of worlds with Vaults, 4 is kinda rubbish.